21st February 2011

Time flies..

Finally I compiled the melaka trip video...=)
One day after Joanne upload full set of photo to facebook
effective and efficient enough...hahahaha...

But I not satisfy with the quality of the photo
It reduced drastically after the conversion
Even thought I increased the quality of video...
Overall, still satisfy with the video...

4-5 hours of work compare to first video, which is about 1 day
Practice make perfect
And I learned new skill in making video...
hahaha...skill improved...
Shall make a better video in next time...=)

Is week 6
Tomorrow should have Structural Steel Design test
Thank Dr.Ir. Jeffrey for postponed the test to next week
This is the starting of busy period
Which it will continue until a date which I also duno
And I should be more determine
And cheong toward my aim for this semester
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