16th February 2011

Time flies...

Today is last second day of 2011 chinese new year
But my holiday officially end after back from Melaka

Yesterday was public holiday
And I went to Melaka 1 day trip with a group of friends
Andrew, Wai Yee, Jeffrey, Pei Ling, Su Ling, Joanne, Joaryn and Le Wei
With another jiu cheng gang
mean we are laughing and do siao only for the whole trip...
Inside the car also do siao and laughing
Eating also do siao and laughing
Walking along street also do siao and laughing
Walaoeh...sibeh beh tahan...XD

and I think the best part of the trip is when we are heading to Ayer Keroh toll
We stop at a petrol station to 'pee'
Then, Wai Yee 'run fire'
Almost enter female toilet
He confirm enter ad if we didn't shout and stop him...
everytime go trip with him, he confirm 'run fire' 1...

Reach home around 11pm
And that is the end of my chinese new year holiday
Today, back to university life...
No lepak lepak somemore
Must jiji abit

Will upload the trip video once I compiled it..

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