14th February 2011

Time flies....

Is 14th February
Is valentine day
Happy Valentine Day to everybody
Valentine day, is a big day for couple
For single...it just an ordinary day....

An ordinary day, but I added a little bit specialty in
By organizing a small steamboat gathering at my house
Invited the jiao heng and jiu cheng gang
Me, andrew, wai yee, ah loy, jason, dickshen, xiu qi, shereen and wee ying
Absentee: choo yeong and lek mon due to eduction reason...

A small gathering, connect back long lost contact frens...XD
I think the last time I meet xiu qi, shereen and wee ying was during my b.day celebration party
Which is last year april..
I shall said they are prettier liao...:p
And thanks shereen for the 'kam' and biscuit
Andrew, wai yee, jason, dickshen
I meet them at least once a week
I shall said we remain unchange or change to more jiao heng..XD

Sit together
Eat together
Suan together
Laugh together
This is jiao heng and jiu cheng gang culture

2molo is public holiday
And 2molo should be my last free day for this semester too
As I knew this semester will be a busy semester
6 subjects
tons of complicated assignments
tons of tests
tons of Sport club activities
Need to attend soft skill courses
Maybe cant limteh with them so often compare to past few months..

Lastly, wish all jiao heng and jiu cheng members
Happy Chinese New Year
All the best in Labbit Year
All the best in study
Remember to pai pai Labbit
Then Labbit will pobi pobi us. =)
Huat ah!
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