24th February 2011

Time flies...

Is thursday...
Time past so slow fast....
Weekend coming...

Yesterday is 23rd Feb, 0223
Is Mah CC birthday!
We have a small birthday celebration at Pizza Hut...
Attendants: Mah, me, Kang Wai, Garrett, Tat Ming, Hua Jian, Han Cheong and Sim

We finish our meal and chatting while waiting the cake to be serve...

somebody transformed to Tissue Man...

Tissue Man No.1
Identity: Sim Teong Piao aka Valensim
Criminal Record: No.1 killer in Southeast Asia
Bounty: 50k $dollar

Not one, but TWO people.....

TissueMan No.2
Identity: Mah Chun Chiat aka Ice Monkey
Criminal Record: Partner with TissueMan No.1
Bounty: 50k $dollar

Hahaha....and finally the cake arrive

We sang birthday song to Mah, LOUD and CLEAR!!
People in Pizza Hut were looking at us...
But we ain't shy...Because we have nothing to shy...XD

The birthday boy is so happy...

Special message on the cake...
From Jordan, by his Babie, Natalie...
"Wish Hubby Happy Forever"

This...belong to the birthday boy
haha...don't think or imagine senget so much....

Guess what he doing?
He make a long journey call to Jordan
And thanks his babie...
The reason he close his face is... There are 3 phone recording the scene...one infront, one left and one right...

Group photo of the day


That the end of the celebration
Wish ah mah happy birthday, all the best
And the wish u wished will come true soon

21st February 2011

Time flies..

Finally I compiled the melaka trip video...=)
One day after Joanne upload full set of photo to facebook
effective and efficient enough...hahahaha...

But I not satisfy with the quality of the photo
It reduced drastically after the conversion
Even thought I increased the quality of video...
Overall, still satisfy with the video...

4-5 hours of work compare to first video, which is about 1 day
Practice make perfect
And I learned new skill in making video...
hahaha...skill improved...
Shall make a better video in next time...=)

Is week 6
Tomorrow should have Structural Steel Design test
Thank Dr.Ir. Jeffrey for postponed the test to next week
This is the starting of busy period
Which it will continue until a date which I also duno
And I should be more determine
And cheong toward my aim for this semester

17th February 2011

Time flies...

Is 15th day of 2011 Chinese New Year
Is Chap Goh Mei
Is last day of 2011 Chinese New Year

Have a fantabulous chinese new year for this year:
-Lim family and Lee family reunion dinner on new year eve
-Almost everyday also collect ang pow
-Visited friendsssss house
-Meet and know another group of jiu cheng friends
-Organize a small steamboat gathering at my house
-Went to melaka 1 day trip

Can't wait for the next Chinese New Year
Because great things are ahead of me
Waiting me to explore them by this year...=)

Huat ah!!
Heng ah!!
Ong ah!!

16th February 2011

Time flies...

Today is last second day of 2011 chinese new year
But my holiday officially end after back from Melaka

Yesterday was public holiday
And I went to Melaka 1 day trip with a group of friends
Andrew, Wai Yee, Jeffrey, Pei Ling, Su Ling, Joanne, Joaryn and Le Wei
With another jiu cheng gang
mean we are laughing and do siao only for the whole trip...
Inside the car also do siao and laughing
Eating also do siao and laughing
Walking along street also do siao and laughing
Walaoeh...sibeh beh tahan...XD

and I think the best part of the trip is when we are heading to Ayer Keroh toll
We stop at a petrol station to 'pee'
Then, Wai Yee 'run fire'
Almost enter female toilet
He confirm enter ad if we didn't shout and stop him...
everytime go trip with him, he confirm 'run fire' 1...

Reach home around 11pm
And that is the end of my chinese new year holiday
Today, back to university life...
No lepak lepak somemore
Must jiji abit

Will upload the trip video once I compiled it..

14th February 2011

Time flies....

Is 14th February
Is valentine day
Happy Valentine Day to everybody
Valentine day, is a big day for couple
For single...it just an ordinary day....

An ordinary day, but I added a little bit specialty in
By organizing a small steamboat gathering at my house
Invited the jiao heng and jiu cheng gang
Me, andrew, wai yee, ah loy, jason, dickshen, xiu qi, shereen and wee ying
Absentee: choo yeong and lek mon due to eduction reason...

A small gathering, connect back long lost contact frens...XD
I think the last time I meet xiu qi, shereen and wee ying was during my b.day celebration party
Which is last year april..
I shall said they are prettier liao...:p
And thanks shereen for the 'kam' and biscuit
Andrew, wai yee, jason, dickshen
I meet them at least once a week
I shall said we remain unchange or change to more jiao heng..XD

Sit together
Eat together
Suan together
Laugh together
This is jiao heng and jiu cheng gang culture

2molo is public holiday
And 2molo should be my last free day for this semester too
As I knew this semester will be a busy semester
6 subjects
tons of complicated assignments
tons of tests
tons of Sport club activities
Need to attend soft skill courses
Maybe cant limteh with them so often compare to past few months..

Lastly, wish all jiao heng and jiu cheng members
Happy Chinese New Year
All the best in Labbit Year
All the best in study
Remember to pai pai Labbit
Then Labbit will pobi pobi us. =)
Huat ah!

7th February 2011

Time flies...

Is 5th day of CNY
And tomorrow I have to back to Uni life...

Eat a lot
Drink a lot
Gamble little bit
This is CNY lifestyle!

But this year CNY a bit tak syok
Short holiday period
Hardly can listen fire-cracker sound
But overall still ok la...
Can hang around with friend
Enjoy CNY rather than thinking assignmentsss...

1 and 12
The decision making power Is not under me
For me, both are fine
But I will prefer the side which would give me more advantages
No matter what is the decision, I have to accept too

Happy Chinese New Year
Learn to be more tough
Learn to be more discipline
Learn to be more positive
And face the challenge in front.

Chinese New Year 2011 edition

Time flies....
Is first day of first month in chinese lunar calender
Is Chinese New Year!!=)

Wish everyone:
Happy Chinese New Year
Have a great year ahead
Have a prosperous year

This year reunion dinner is different compare to previous years
As we had a joint reunion dinner at Restaurant Lan Hua
Lim's family & Lee's reunion dinner
8 tables...
Unlimited joy
Unlimited happiness
Didn't experience such wonderful reunion dinner atmosphere since years ago...=)

As usual, get my first big big ang pow of new year after reunion dinner

Wish myself:
Did well in my academic
have a great year ahead
have a prosperous year ahead too..=)
Huat ah!
Heng ah!
Ong ah!