First in Year 2011

Time flies...

Yesterday was the last day of 2010
Good bye, 2010
Today, is the first day of 2011
Welcome, 2011
A new year, after we passed 365days of 2010

Another year passed
During this 2010, I went through a lot of thing
But the 2 most important thing were in a relationship and my industrial training

From In a relationship to single....
I learned a lot from from here
Because of her, I know the importance of a great 'defender'
Because of her, I understood my ah kong theory
Because of her, I grew up
No pain, no gain
Gained, Learned and Grew

My industrial training...
Thanks Kitacon Sdn. Bhd for accept me as your trainee
Worked at Taman Putra Prima site for 3 months
2 days only, I became oh ke ling kia...XD
Pay something to gain something else...
I enjoy working at there
when busy, I'm freaking busy
when free, I'm freaking free and boring
I saw a lot
I learned a lot
I knew a lot

All of the above are past and became my memory
A new year
I believe this year will be better than last year
Because everyday we learn and keep improve

A great year ahead and waiting me
Welcome Year 2011
I will make you as a wonderful year
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