31st January 2011

Time flies...
2 days before CNY

New semester + New year = money crisis
Money in the bank reducing like nobody business
Class trip, text books, new apparels, new shoe, food....
Didn't know I spent so much until I saw the bank statement...
CNY resolution: spent money wisely and save back the amount spent

CNY is the best time for reunion
As most of the people will balik kampung
whether is family reunion or friend reunion
Is the great time to sitting down together and chit chat!

Have a great reunion with my secondary school friends
and at the same time celebrate Kien Chai birthday.

We chat
We laugh
We make fun of other people
We play
We sink people
This is our tradition

Is a rare opportunity for us to gather again and continue our tradition
As most of us were far apart and busy with our study
No matter how we were apart
We will gather again when the time is right...=)
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