28th January 2011

Time flies...
6 days before CNY

Is friday night and chinese new year is around the corner..
Student in my University....
Some are packing their bag
Some are on the way balik kampung
Some reached kampung ad
All of them having same purpose
Reunion with their family again and celebrate CNY!

Is CNY....
And we can see CNY commercial video on TV or youtube again..
As usual, DIGI and Petronas
The main two giant company in Malaysia will come out their own CNY commercial video.

Whenever there is DIGI, there will be a Digi Yellow Man.
This year, the title for DIGI commercial video is CNY 2011 Yellow Man Reunion
Funny and creative, are the only two words to describe their commercial video
Their main theme for this year is REUNION!
Let enjoy the video:

Petronas video is totally opposite compare with DIGI video.
Their theme are about the same for every year: don't forgot the elders, without them, without us
This year, they come out with the same theme again.
In the video, there are a group of elders, which they don't hope to be their younger generation burden..
Let watch the video:

So, don't forgot:
who grew u till today
who feed u when u are a kid
who support u when u lost
who save u when u have trouble
How u treat the elders
Is same as how u going to get the treat back by your future generation
They aren't outsider, but is the most important person in family.

This is the first time I saw Mcdonald CNY commercial video
Thanks to globalisation and youtube....XD
This video is about the meaning of Ang Pow.
And the little girl in the video is so kawaii leh...

Hereby, I wish all my friends:
Have a safe journey when balik kampung
Happy reunion with their family members
Happy Chinese New Year!!
Huat ah...!!
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