24th January 2011

Time flies...
Celebrating Chinese New Year in less than 2 weeks time..=)

Yesterday back from Asian Water Sport Village....
One word to describe the whole trip: AWESOME!
Unlimited of funs!!
Will upload the video of the trip once I got the photo and compiled it

Chinese New Year is coming!
Haven't buy anything due to free timeless...
Sibeh busy with my academic and co-curriculum as well

hardly can have any extra money for this coming few weeks
Because of the starting of the semester and CNY
and things are getting more and more and more expensive!
Have to korek from Yellow Harimau again...

Malaysian are heading to rich people are richer and poor people are poorer era!
Thanks to our national policy
Conservative, corruption, unfair, selfish, narrow mindset and bla bla bla....
those politician JLB only....

Commitment, hardworking, ethical and responsibility
Were supporting me continuously
To serve myself as a better person
In whichever role I was playing.

Good Night.
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