22nd January 2011

Time flies
Celebrating Chinese New Year in less than 2 weeks time..=)

Yesterday have a great foundation reunion dinner at Japan 23 Steamboat Buffet.
Long time since we had the previous reunion dinner
Glad to see that a group of classmates sitting together again
eating together...
chit chatting together...
making funs and jokes together..
Another chapter of great and wonderful memory in my life...=)

Finally passed up my industrial training report to Dr.Lim..
And I could relax myself with a 2 days 1 night trip
to Asian Water Sport Village which located at Puchong with my fellow course mate...

Memories non-stop pop out when I writing my report
Take level, inspection, checking material, studying plan and drawing
some funny funny quotes.....

"itu sewerage pipe macam ni bengkok sini, bengkok sana, itu tahi macam mana mahu jalan?" by project manyzer

"saya bukan nak salahkan awak atau dia (forgiving dia(main contractor supervisor) atau awak(sub-contractor) when something went wrong)....tapi awak kena jaga ma, u takde jaga, sekarang sudah buat salah lo.......(at the end pushed all the problem to sub-contractor)" by project manyzer

What I can say is playing tai-chi is always the culture of site when problem happened.

This semester will be a busy semester, hypothesis I made at the beginning of the semester
And, I'm proving my hypothesis is acceptable and correct..XD
Next week will be Sport Club recruitment week
And I have to re-decorate again the board
Which I decorated it so nice last year
But the board missing in action...-.-''

No matter how busy am I, I can cope it!
Well, that all for this post
Wishing myself have a nice, great and safe trip to Asian Water Sport Village...=)
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