31st January 2011

Time flies...
2 days before CNY

New semester + New year = money crisis
Money in the bank reducing like nobody business
Class trip, text books, new apparels, new shoe, food....
Didn't know I spent so much until I saw the bank statement...
CNY resolution: spent money wisely and save back the amount spent

CNY is the best time for reunion
As most of the people will balik kampung
whether is family reunion or friend reunion
Is the great time to sitting down together and chit chat!

Have a great reunion with my secondary school friends
and at the same time celebrate Kien Chai birthday.

We chat
We laugh
We make fun of other people
We play
We sink people
This is our tradition

Is a rare opportunity for us to gather again and continue our tradition
As most of us were far apart and busy with our study
No matter how we were apart
We will gather again when the time is right...=)

28th January 2011

Time flies...
6 days before CNY

Is friday night and chinese new year is around the corner..
Student in my University....
Some are packing their bag
Some are on the way balik kampung
Some reached kampung ad
All of them having same purpose
Reunion with their family again and celebrate CNY!

Is CNY....
And we can see CNY commercial video on TV or youtube again..
As usual, DIGI and Petronas
The main two giant company in Malaysia will come out their own CNY commercial video.

Whenever there is DIGI, there will be a Digi Yellow Man.
This year, the title for DIGI commercial video is CNY 2011 Yellow Man Reunion
Funny and creative, are the only two words to describe their commercial video
Their main theme for this year is REUNION!
Let enjoy the video:

Petronas video is totally opposite compare with DIGI video.
Their theme are about the same for every year: don't forgot the elders, without them, without us
This year, they come out with the same theme again.
In the video, there are a group of elders, which they don't hope to be their younger generation burden..
Let watch the video:

So, don't forgot:
who grew u till today
who feed u when u are a kid
who support u when u lost
who save u when u have trouble
How u treat the elders
Is same as how u going to get the treat back by your future generation
They aren't outsider, but is the most important person in family.

This is the first time I saw Mcdonald CNY commercial video
Thanks to globalisation and youtube....XD
This video is about the meaning of Ang Pow.
And the little girl in the video is so kawaii leh...

Hereby, I wish all my friends:
Have a safe journey when balik kampung
Happy reunion with their family members
Happy Chinese New Year!!
Huat ah...!!

Asian Water Sports Village, Puchong

Time flies...
Celebrating CNY in a week time...=)

Asian Water Sports Village
Is a brand new water sport hotspot which located at Taman Tasik Prima, Puchong
It was a residential area together with the 200 acre lake
And the company converted part of the residential area to water sport hotspot

16 members of Civil Engineering May 2008 joined the trip
We took 2 days 1 night basic lake front villa campaign.

The package come with:
-Basic Town house accommodation with 16 dormitory style beda, refrigerator, Wii Nintendo, small ping pong table, air-conditional
-2.5 hours unlimited ride of motorised water sport such as banana boat and towable tube
-Unlimited use of jacuzzi spa, fish spa and sauna and non-motorised sport such as canoeing
-BBQ spot
-Fishing, Cycling

The townhouse front view. The lake is located behind the townhouse

Lake front view

Fishing port

BBQ hut

Motorised Water Sport

Non-motorised water sport

Jacuzzi Spa

Fish Spa


Nintendo Wii

Mini Ping Pong table

BBQ. We bought all the foods and drinks from Carrefour, which located 5 minutes away from Asian Water Sport Village.

Photos of our trip compiled in video

Thumb up for the trip
We enjoyed and relaxed just like we are living in our own world!
Full of fun and joy...

"Our effort create excellence", FES May 2008 Civil Engineer

24th January 2011

Time flies...
Celebrating Chinese New Year in less than 2 weeks time..=)

Yesterday back from Asian Water Sport Village....
One word to describe the whole trip: AWESOME!
Unlimited of funs!!
Will upload the video of the trip once I got the photo and compiled it

Chinese New Year is coming!
Haven't buy anything due to free timeless...
Sibeh busy with my academic and co-curriculum as well

hardly can have any extra money for this coming few weeks
Because of the starting of the semester and CNY
and things are getting more and more and more expensive!
Have to korek from Yellow Harimau again...

Malaysian are heading to rich people are richer and poor people are poorer era!
Thanks to our national policy
Conservative, corruption, unfair, selfish, narrow mindset and bla bla bla....
those politician JLB only....

Commitment, hardworking, ethical and responsibility
Were supporting me continuously
To serve myself as a better person
In whichever role I was playing.

Good Night.

22nd January 2011

Time flies
Celebrating Chinese New Year in less than 2 weeks time..=)

Yesterday have a great foundation reunion dinner at Japan 23 Steamboat Buffet.
Long time since we had the previous reunion dinner
Glad to see that a group of classmates sitting together again
eating together...
chit chatting together...
making funs and jokes together..
Another chapter of great and wonderful memory in my life...=)

Finally passed up my industrial training report to Dr.Lim..
And I could relax myself with a 2 days 1 night trip
to Asian Water Sport Village which located at Puchong with my fellow course mate...

Memories non-stop pop out when I writing my report
Take level, inspection, checking material, studying plan and drawing
some funny funny quotes.....

"itu sewerage pipe macam ni bengkok sini, bengkok sana, itu tahi macam mana mahu jalan?" by project manyzer

"saya bukan nak salahkan awak atau dia (forgiving dia(main contractor supervisor) atau awak(sub-contractor) when something went wrong)....tapi awak kena jaga ma, u takde jaga, sekarang sudah buat salah lo.......(at the end pushed all the problem to sub-contractor)" by project manyzer

What I can say is playing tai-chi is always the culture of site when problem happened.

This semester will be a busy semester, hypothesis I made at the beginning of the semester
And, I'm proving my hypothesis is acceptable and correct..XD
Next week will be Sport Club recruitment week
And I have to re-decorate again the board
Which I decorated it so nice last year
But the board missing in action...-.-''

No matter how busy am I, I can cope it!
Well, that all for this post
Wishing myself have a nice, great and safe trip to Asian Water Sport Village...=)

Y3S2 start...

Time flies...

Semester break end on yesterday...
New semester start on today...
Taking 6 subjects for this semester
5 subjects with 3 credit hours and a subject with 2 credit hours

Apart for 3 months...
And everyone in the class look different..XD
Maybe I should say we grew up tremendously during the past 3 months
Especially our knowledge regarding our field, Civil Engineering
We went through 3 months industrial training
And gained experiences....

Apart for 3 months...
And the food at Genting Klang look different..
Most of the food price grew up tremendously
This is not a good news for students and parents
Because the value of money drop again....

Changes is the only constant thing in this world

Is 12.15am
And is time to sleep
Good Night to me....
Tomorrow will be better
Top 1

8th January 2011

Time flies...

Is Saturday!
1 week pass since the last day of my internship..

Do siao with my jiao heng frens
Watch dramas
Play Digimon World 3
This is my life for the pass 1 week....

Internship report??
Procrastinated ad....XD
I should finish it as soon as possible...
Or I will put myself in insane and rushing mood again...

The only constant thing in this world is changing
Said by my foundation tutor
And I strongly agree with it

We can't find anything that is constant throughout our life except changing
Friendship, money, love, study, life and etc are changing

Today I can be very friend with u
But because of certain issue, we argue and quarrel
But for the following day, we friend together again
This is changing...

Today I can be a very rich person
But because of certain issue, I bankrupt
But for the following day, I can be rich again
This is changing...

Today my study result is very good
But because of certain issue, my result drop
But for the following day, my result will become good again
This is changing

Changing keep on change our life
But the changing can be control by us
It depend on how we think, how we want to be and how we act
Better or worse?
Never blame our life
Because the changing decision is in our hand.....

4th Jan 2010

Time flies...

1 month plus past...
Public Uni semester break end..
My buddies are flying back to their own U
Today is Lek Mon
Tomorrow is Choo Yeong
Ger sad....
Jiao Heng geng lesser people liao..
We can't limteh so often liao...
Lucky they will back to Klang few days before CNY
That is the time...
Which we could meet up again..=)

Honest and Lie.....
Human used times to build up their trust -> Honest
But the trust built can be spoilt and gone in a minute of time -> Lie
Every people knows the consequence of Lie
Yet, they still Lie...
Human behavior is just COMPLICATED...

For every Lie, there is a truth behind its...
Liar thought other people doesn't know he/she is lying
For the first time, maybe is yes..
But for the following times?
Liar never thought of people he/she lie will know the truth behind the lie
The only solution is use another lie to cover the lie when their lies revealed...

When the alphabet 't' from the word 'trust' gone..
It become 'rust'...
And that the time people will think liar is lying even thought they didn't

Every human tend to make mistake, because human always improving
Lie only benefit in very short run
But Honest benefit in short and long run
Think twice before we want to lie
Don't ever spoilt the trust and reputation built...
Because it is hard to build and it is very valuable...

First in Year 2011

Time flies...

Yesterday was the last day of 2010
Good bye, 2010
Today, is the first day of 2011
Welcome, 2011
A new year, after we passed 365days of 2010

Another year passed
During this 2010, I went through a lot of thing
But the 2 most important thing were in a relationship and my industrial training

From In a relationship to single....
I learned a lot from from here
Because of her, I know the importance of a great 'defender'
Because of her, I understood my ah kong theory
Because of her, I grew up
No pain, no gain
Gained, Learned and Grew

My industrial training...
Thanks Kitacon Sdn. Bhd for accept me as your trainee
Worked at Taman Putra Prima site for 3 months
2 days only, I became oh ke ling kia...XD
Pay something to gain something else...
I enjoy working at there
when busy, I'm freaking busy
when free, I'm freaking free and boring
I saw a lot
I learned a lot
I knew a lot

All of the above are past and became my memory
A new year
I believe this year will be better than last year
Because everyday we learn and keep improve

A great year ahead and waiting me
Welcome Year 2011
I will make you as a wonderful year