31st December 2011

Time flies..
Here goes the last day of year 2011!

2011 was a busy year for me
Especially the second half of the year
Which I had busy with club, society, academic and competition
And I shall said that 2011 so far is the best year in my university life

In year 2012, I expecting myself to continue busy
Especially in first half of the year
Which is also my last semester in UTAR, unless otherwise specify
Time flies..
Appreciating every moment in UTAR

A happy ending leads to a wonderful begining!
2012 is better than 2011!

28th December 2011

Time flies..

At last...
Started the second part of my FYP
After on hold for about 2-3months
Due to busy and tight schedule

Received a mail from Dr.Lee
Informing me
UTAR top management have approved our proposal
Regarding organinzing
1st UTAR Build and Break Competition
This mean
The event is going on
And at the same time
The R&D fund established
In contributing to UTAR
In contributing to Civil Engineering
In contributing to juniors

"Be the foot to kick the ball
Rather than being a ball to be kick by the foot"

27th December 2011

Time flies..
Left few days to go
Before entering year 2012

Time really flies...
For every round the clock turned
Although it still go back to 12
But it no longer the same moment

Although kinda early
But already have some new year resolution in my mind

Hoping a great year ahead
Not only hoping
Should make it as great as possible

I have to work harder and harder and harder
At the same time
Maintaining and improve my health
Trying to sleep early when possible
Have some jogs when possible
Have some basketball when possible

There are a lots of thing
Which I still need to learn

Nothing can be done perfectly
A strong mental and physical

"Think big, Do big, Enjoy big "

21st December 2011

Time flies..

Finally finished the only final exam in my short semester,
Wastewaster treatment
On monday

Although kinda busy
I going to give myself
A couple of day
To rest and relax
I going to play and enjoy
Like nobody business

Shall start my 2012 6 days earlier

14th December 2011

Time flies..

Will have the only final exam in this short semester
in 5 days time
Started reading the notes today
thinking whether do anything goes into my mind???
Hoping I could maintain or increase my CGPA
Especially during this critical moment

Looking back
Thinking back
Rewind back
All the journeys
I had went through
In the pasts

With my family background
Except my parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts
Who have watching and observing me throughout the journeys
No one will actually believe what I have went through
A journey which totally differ with my relatives and siblings

Despite the differences
I'm very grateful and appreciate
The differences
In my life
In my journey
Which have lead me
To the position I standing today

To the promises
I made
Directly or indirectly
I will keep it up
and carry out the best

"When the time is right
Just do it"

My Sunday

Time flies..

Long lost moment
Long lost memory
Feel very great
All are coming back
After quite some time
Went to SP Play basketball
With some old gang
My first since the last incident

Refurnished court
With new basketball rim on the other side
All the wonder memories
Still there

Have some air balls
Have some nice balls
Have some great assists
Have some power up
Have some blocks
Have some steals

No matter how
I shouldn't stop basketball for no reason
Not necessarily for me to be the greatest
But I would put my best in it

"Face it, Make the right choice
The past doesn't mean the future"

11th December 2011

Time flies...

Is 2.20am
Supposedly I should be on the bed
Sleep sound
Somehow,I still surfing net
And turn out to be here

Finally the proposals are done
Shall submit to respectively lecturers in coming weeks
Just realize
I going to be very busy
Until the day
I graduate from UTAR

Have a nice dinner and drinking session with some long time no see friends
Jeffrey, SuLing, Joanne, Joaryn and LeWei
Realize that
While I was walking my University journey
I have miss out or neglected some moments with friends and family
Hope to spare some time with them in near future
And at the same time without affecting my university journey.

8th December 2011

Time flies..

Is thursday
Is the day for public lecture on Seismic Retrofit Research at the University of Ottawa
The speaker is Prof. Murat from University of Ottawa
The whole lecture is talking bout Seismic Retrofit
Although not really understand Prof.Murat lecture
Somehow I still have some rough idea on it

What am I doing when I at the age of 24?

At the age of 24
He received his first recognition from the industry,
2005 Endeavor Australia Cheung Kong Award
In acknowledging his efforts and contribution in Earthquake field
In the following year
He won Li Ka Shing Prize and Norman W.M Ko for his best Phd Thesis of The Year

Dr. Tsang Hing Ho
A researcher from University of Hong Kong
A this very young stage
He ad having some very colourful achievement in his life
Despite his excellent achievements in Earthquake field
He still continue on his research
His purpose: to help more people and minimize the death and injury when earthquake happened
Currently serving as a member of the International Advisory Panel in the Earthquake Code Committee of The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia.
Full of respect to him. *SALUTE*

Wondering how do I do when I at the age of 24
Perhaps I should tell myself
Don't lose to Dr. Tsang Hing Ho
Do better than him

River flown in you

7th December 2011

Time flies..

Time really flies...
Tomorrow is thursday
Another week ending soon
Yet, busy life continue on
Deadline = Unknown

Received a great news from Dr.Goi on today
Yesterday tatming and me had a discussion session with him
Regarding Build and Break competition
Where we wish to establish a R&D fund for that competition
So that the competition will continue on after we graduate
3 months processing period is the main problem in our discussion
As we wish to organize the competition in February
And today, I receive his personal call
The R&D fund for Build and Break can establish in 2 weeks time.
I really appreciate the effort from Dr.Goi
Certainly, our hope is every UTAR Civil Engineering student will be benefits
From the fund established.

Not feeling good
When seeing friends surrounding me
Are unhappy
But was forced to be happy
To hide the true face
Wish to help them
But still in learning stage
Can help much except be their listener
And keep it as secret
Hope everyone will carry on their life
With a big smile on their face

"Every guy is a guy,
Every girl is a girl"

2nd December 2011

Time flies...

Graduating in 6 months!
I going to miss every moments passed in this 4 years...
...In UTAR

The organizing team for UTAR 1st Build and Break Competition ESTABLISHED!
In corporate, there is something called corporate social responsibility (CSR)
Maybe I will call this as Student Social Responsibility (SSR)
This is a gift and contribution
From my class, 2008 May Civil Engineering
To UTAR and our lovely junior
Before we graduate

Nike We Run KL 2011

Time flies..

Nike We Run KL 2011
My first public marathon
Participated it with my CI 08 mates
Under College/University category

Although lack of training
Although lack of fitness
After some busy moments since the starting of my final
Is in good shape
Conquered it in 1hour and 8 minutes
Ran 7km before rest for 1km and continue on to the finish line
I would said that is the desire and determination
To achieve some positive result
To build up my confidence
After some negative moment in past few days

UTAR Kampar Run Top 3: me, tatming and hancheong (Count from behind)
Finally revenged and achieve unbelievable result.
Tatming is the first among CI 08 member
I'm fourth...hehehe
Han Cheong is around seventh

Many are surprised especially jiun leong
Because for Kampar Run
I actually couldnt run at all
Because the day before, CI 08 having beering session
Because of that, I have immune system disorder (allergic)

Somehow, they still duno yet
Once upon a time
I was marathon champion during my standard 4,5,6
I was top 20 marathon during my form 1,2,3,4
For form 5, i actually became first aider...XD

Is pleased that my fitness still there
Should balance up
In between my academic, my co-curricular and my sports
Well done to everyone
Who finish up the race
In within 2 hours

26th November 2011

Time flies..

Woke up at 6.15am
Just to go to Titiwangsa Lake
To have some last minute training
For Nike We Run KL 2011

Something wasn't too right
Started to lose our direction?
Started to questioning ourselves?
Self-solving in line with time?
Or initiate it our before thing get worse?

When people are down
They tend to do their favourite thing
And that day right after Nehemiah Design Competition 2011
The first thing in my mind is basketball
Which is once my everything

Due to the environment changes
Due to person responsibilities
Restricting and limiting my involvement in basketball
Yet, I never regret
Don loss my direction
Refer to starting point when there is a mist
I should get myself stronger, stronger and stronger

25th November 2011

Time flies..

The end of Nehemiah Design Competition 2011
A very disappointing ending
Dreamed dream stay as dream
Perhaps I should add another word in: 'Forever'
"Dreamed dream stay as dream forever"
My second last course-based tournament in my degree life

another failure
crushed our heart and emotion
The worse case is......(secret among us)

We have tried our best
We have put best effort
We showed our creative and innovative
We enjoyed the process
We showed tremendous team work
Together we build out our children
Although is a very disappointing ending
We still proud of our works and children
Because all of this
belong to our group memories
Un-replaceable with any other thing
Would like to said thanks to all my mates
For all this wonderful memories with u all

After some stressful period
After some busy period
After some sleepless period
Is time for me to rejuvenate
Learn from mistake
Learn from past

Dear Mates,
Let do it in out next and the last competition,
Bridge Competition!

18th November 2011

Time flies..

Countdown 6 days to competition
Is rushing the preparation throughout the whole week
And this will going to continue until the competition day

Urging our children
To stay strong
To stay outstanding
To stay handsome/pretty

Pretty much works to rush
Especially the drawing,
Which giving me alot of trouble
Due to the not user friendly software
And some complicated part of the drawing
With limited drawing feature
Have to get the inspiration soon
Coz no time for me to waste anymore

Is glad that everyone in my team are leader
Which they know what they should do
By just giving them simple instruction
Maybe this is something I learn
In the past 4 years
Trust my mates
Believe them

Final round,

13th November 2011

Time flies..

UTAR Trekathon 2011
Was Successfully held at Taman Pertanian, Bukit Cahaya
marathon at hill slope
My first experience for it
Quite Super challenging
Especially the steep slope
Which it draining my energy at unusual rate
Even though I was walking only
Finished 7.5km in 45minutes
An unexpected finishing time
Especially my fitness level is about 50% only

When there are rooms of improvement
And time are allow
Restart from the beginning will be a very good choice
I urge, our children and concept will stand out at the tournament.
Countdown 11 days......

11th November 2011

Time flies...

Is 111111
A normal day with special date
A day where all the number one met

Countdown 13 days from Nehemiah Design Competition
Dreamed a dream on this morning
Dreamed my group are the champion for this competition
Somehow, I believe that this isn't only my dream
This dream belongs to all my mates

Well, is still early to saying this
Right now, the most important is
We put best efforts in our respectively task
Stay Strong and Stay tough
Just to ensure that we are closer and closer to our final goal:
Emerge as Champion for Nehemiah Design Competition 2011

2nd November 2011

Time flies..

"Everyday, I live with a purpose,
To make today better than yesterday."

Positive progress
On our model preparation
On our design amendment
On our total progress

Somehow a small problem occur
Obstructing the progress
Problem is mean to solve

Continue go on...
countdown: 22 days

1st November 2011

Time flies...

Last second month in Year 2011
Is a very busy period during this second half year 2011
And, still keep on busy
Maybe is more to like testing my time management

Currently putting full forces in Nehemiah Design Competition 2011
Thinking whether we left out anything?
Thinking whether we neglected anything?
Thinking any improvement on our concept

Since Build and Break Competition
I Realize....
Although we lose in that competition
But actually we won
Everyone in the team learnt the mistake we did
And we grew up
Ya, we lose but we won

"Emerge as champion is not an easy task
Thay why champion is champion"
Everyone may only see the front side of a success
But no one will know the pathway to the success
Hope our children will be an outstanding model

27th October 2011

Time flies..

Make a decision
At this very last moment
Decided to give myself a needed break
Joining my course mates to Kuantan trip on tomorrow

Initially I had agreed to join the trip
Due to an unexpected arrangement
I have to take over Mr.Alvin task
As Clashes of Utarians Basketball Game Manager

I'm kinda exhausted
With tons of workloads
Ranging from fyp, clubs, competition
Felt that I seriously need a long break
Before I could be 100% fit again

I do not have much time for that long break
At right time
I shall give myself a break
Although is a short one
A day or two will do

Therefore, I'm trying to pass the task to my junior
Is tough decision for me
As they still new
But I strongly believe they can cope with it
This is the trust
Which they gave me from past experience

Hope everything will go smoothly on Sunday
And hope that I could gain something from this trip

24th October 2011

Time flies..

Back to KL
After spend 5 days in Kuching
First time went to east Malaysia
Although the density population is not as high as in KL
But the environment is perfect, low pollution and the air is so fresh
Tons of photo
Kinda lazy to upload right now

Just wanted to give a try
On every chance and opportunity offered by me
Is the challenge
In making me stronger and stronger

Sustainable Concrete Competition 2011

Time flies...
After 2 months of countless hard works and efforts
For all the preparation
We got well paid back
In Sustainable Concrete Competition 2011!

The competition was organised by Politeknik Kuching
Co-organised by UiTM, UTHM and Concrete Society Malaysia
A total of 28 teams, included my team
Comprises of university student, politeknik student and university/politeknik lecturer
Participated in this competition

Never stop since the first day
From fund request to mix proportion
From concrete density to concrete strength
Day after day
Come after one by one
With strong determination and never give up spirit possesses by me and my mates
We manage to overcome it

And today
We (UTAR) emerged as the biggest winner for the competition
We sweep 3 of 4 categories:
-Strength and Lightness: 1st Runner up (35MPa and 1560 kg/m^3)
-Poster Presentation: Champion
-Overall Champion

We kept up our supervisor expectation
Making the whole world proud of us
Utmost gratitude to everyone
Who have walk together with us throughout the whole competition period

Well Done
To my Mates and our Children!
We have did a great job!

17th October 2011

Time flies...

Another sleepless night
Was rushing Nehemiah Design Competition 2011 for the past few days
Endless work, even until today, the submission deadline for our technical poster
We managed to come out our poster
And hand to Dr.Lee in time

Realize that we need to sharpen our idea
By supporting it with more facts or prove
Rather than waiting and daydreaming/blow water
Next: Build out the model and information gathering

Racing with it right now
Hope I could keep up the pace with time


14th October 2011

Time flies..

Is Days-23
Our children were taken out from lime water curing tank
Current undergoing intensive weight reducing program
Hope to see them grow healthier and stronger
And manage to pull their weight down!

Last semester final examination out
A little bit surprise on it
But is still within my expectation
Is determined to work hard for the remaining subjects
And of course, my FYP as well

3 days before submission of technical poster
For Nehemiah Design Competition 2011
I cant deny that I learn a lot
Since the beginning of the competition
You need inspiration
You need to be creative
You need to be innovative
You need to think differently
You need to be brave
You need strong mentality

Rather than following exactly other people suggestion
Innovate it with inspiration and creative
Think differently and brave enough to suggest and implement it
Support it with data and facts
Rest when you stuck, cause it will lead you to longer journey

Trust, is fragile and hard to build
I'm glad and thankful
To have a bunch of mates
Who placed their trust and faith on me
I shall not crush the trust
Do my best and the best
Help them to win the competition

8th October 2011

Time flies..

Sustainable Concrete Competition 2011
Is less than 2 weeks away
Everything are doing well
After all the hard works and efforts and pressure since August.
At least, I could feel some consolation before heading to Kuching
A little bit problem
Which I shall aware of it and carefully handling it
Hope I can get super strong children with no wrinkles on it

Nehemiah Design Competition 2011
The competition date is on 24th Nov 2011
But we have to submit a technical poster
On 17th Oct 2011
Before we can proceed to final stage

Is about one week away
Has consulted Dr.Low KS
To have brief idea
To really win the competition
Our design have to be more outstanding
We need some really very different feature from others
From that moment..
This no longer classified as easy or hard
Is a challenging task
Challenging our critical thinking
Our mental and our physical as well
Hope at the end
Our group will emerge as the champion for Nehemiah Design Competition 2011

6th October 2011

Time flies...

Is a day after 14th day since 21st September 2011
Hope tonight I could post something positive and very excited
Regarding my children strength
Remember stay strong and healthy, my fellows children!

Competition, competition and competition
Lately, I was busy with various academic based competitions
Perhaps failure in last competition, which was my very first too
Gave me a very good experience in participating a competition
And directly and indirectly boost up my DESIRE

To win a competition
Somehow we need to go beyond normal
Come out with something
Which make people around us
"Whoaaa..., Ini bagus, ini bagus.."
That why Champion is Champion

What most important right now is
A Strong mentality
Which can constantly come out with something new and daring
Which can make decision fast and accurate
In any circumstances...

Best wish to me, my mates, our children and our design!!

Asia Pacific Build and Break Competition 2011

Time flies..

1st Oct 2011
Was the day for Asia Pacific Build and Break Competition 2011 (APUBBC 2011)
Which was held at Uniten
I'm in one of two teams representing UTAR in this competition
I team up with my mates
Consists of Chun Chiat, Wan Shing, Tat Ming and Zhen Wei

We were given a file case
Contained satay sticks, scissors, masking tape, ruler, tape ruler, A4 paper and a hook
And based on the materials given, we are required to build a structure
According to the requirements stated
And the structure will be assess
Based on the length, ability to take load till 1kg and the structure weight

Except Chun Chiat and Tat Ming
Wan Shing and Zhen Wei were new members grouped into the group
We show tremendous teamwork, effort and understanding
Throughout the competition

We managed to come out a structure
Which attracted attentions from judges
The longest structure with 1.41m span length
A very stable structure with almost zero or little deflection
After 1kg load was applied

Our structure was too conservative
This caused a heavy weight was imposed by our structure
0.339 kg as compared to others
Which is less than 0.2kg or even lower than that
And this subsequently reduced our efficiency ratio
And cost our placing drop drastically

I seriously hate the feeling of lose
Especially when the whole team were in confident
We can win at least a prize
We back home with empty hand
Maybe a little negative comment on the competition format can be the excuses for us
As the competition should be "Build and Break"
Where loads will be apply on structure until failure
And the structure serviceability should be take in account too
Rather than "Build and Test"
Where the maximum load apply is only 1kg

Well done, mates!
We should be proud of our self and the structure we built
As it represent our efforts and teamwork
A longest, most stable and very tidy and beautiful structure
As compared with other structures
No pain No gain
This is our very first tournament experience
Learn from this experience
Looking forward on upcoming tournament
We shall do lots better in upcoming competitions

28th September 2011

Time flies..

3 days to Asia Pacific Build and Break Competition 2011
19 days to the submission of poster for Nehemiah Competition 2011
23 days to Sustainable Concrete Competition 2011

3 combo competitions in my semester break
Is this classified as crazy?
I am qualified for it
Because youth is the modal for CRAZY

Excited > Mixed feeling
Hope I can manage myself well
Never give up
All the best, MATES!

23rd September 2011

Time flies..

Holiday ad?
Holiday ad??
Holiday ad???

Yes, is holiday
Yet I still back to campus everyday
Willingly and happily
this feeling just cant describe in more specifically way
Others ain't going to understand the feeling
Until one day, when anyone else standing at my position at same situation
I believe, they will do the same thing as I does...

The blessing from the God
Guidance and enlightenment from advisers
Hard work, determination and teamwork from mates
And some lucks, not perhaps, but is absolutely...

We found the right formula for our 'children' to the competition
A very shocking strength, possesses by our 'children'
Which shocked and stunned everyone
Including us

Hope that our 'children' will continue stun us
With their super incredible and unbelievable high strength possesses
And is in within the density required


20th September 2011

Time flies...

Is 20th September
One month away to 21st Oct
The day....
Which Sustainable Concrete Competition 2011 will be held

Was busy preparing for the competition since August
Proposal for fund request,
Trial Mix and testing,
And the preparation was stopped since entering September
As FYP I report submission date and final exam is around the corner
Resumed the preparation on today
And today definitely is greatest day in the preparation of the competition

First, fund was approved at Faculty level and pending at UTAR top management level
Glad that our participation received unlimited positive support from Faculty,
Dr.Lim SK and Mr.Lim JH, our supervisor
which worked hard in helping us and convincing the Faculty
Dr.Khoo HL, HOD of Civil Engineering and Dr.Goi BM, Deputy Dean
who shows a lot of support for our participation in this competition

Secondly is somehow an unexpected gain by us
The objective and minimum requirement for this competition ACHIEVED!
Shall not leak out too much information on that
Will unfold the untold when the time is right.. =)

I urge all my 'children' to continue grow and grow
Become stronger and stronger
Another thing is keep the weight at the desired weight
By this, we can achieve more than that
Jia You..!

The end of Y4S1

Time flies...

12/9/2011 Concrete Structure Design and Analysis
14/9/2011 Concrete Technology
15/9/2011 Engineering Application in Environment
19/9/2011 Geoenvironment Engineering

At last...
After 9 days of battle...
My Y4S1 final exam are DONE!
It was like a huge rock, just taken off from my shoulder
Which I feel much more relax and pressure-less
Exam result?
Should be release in 3-4 weeks times
Got high confidence in every paper except
Dr.Jeff Concrete Structure Design and Analysis
Is the first paper
And I still cant breakthrough this weirdo case:
Hardly do well in my first paper
Anyhow, I did my best on the rest
Hope the result will be above my expectation

That's the end of my Y4S1
Will have 3-4 weeks of holiday from now on
Should rest myself well..
After a super super busy and tired semester

Part of my holiday has been allocated to competitions..
Hope all my efforts will pay me off well
2 subjects to go
in a short and long semester
Time flies...

8th Sept 2011

Time flies...

12/9/2011 Concrete Structure Design and Analysis
14/9/2011 Concrete Technology
15/9/2011 Engineering Application in Environment
19/9/2011 Geoenvironment Engineering

4 days before my first paper
Have to work more efficiently
To cope all the subjects in within the insufficient time available

1st September 2011

Time flies..
9th month in 2011

31st Dec 2011
4 months away...
Very fast only ma...
Unfold the untold...
when the time is right...
I am who I am...
Remained unchanged
Since the day I was born...

Prove myself to myself..

31st August 2011

Time flies..

Is 31st August 2011
Is Independence Day for Malaysia
Is holiday
But I macam takde holiday only
Have to rush FYP == Concrete Technology Assignment
Determine to come out a quality report and pass up to Dr.Lim
Final exam is around the corner too..
Shall start study right after finish FYP part 1..

At last..
Solve the problem...
River flows in you..
Life is going on

Maaf Zahir dan Batin

Today is Hari Raya Puasa...
Maaf Zahir dan Batin
This is the common wish for the Muslim during Hari Raya Puasa
Right now, if i was given a chance to say it to a person
So that I could be forgive for my act

I will SOL (said out loudly)
"Maaf Zahir dan Batin"
to a friend of mine
I eventually shocked and scared her 2 days ago...
I am sorry for the words on 2 days ago..






UTAR Sports Carnival 2011

Time flies...

In such a super busy period
At last, a super big event,
UTAR Sports Carnival 2011 is DONE
KL campus retained the Overall Champion title
Mission accomplished
Hat-Trick Overall Champion

It was like sudden release of a huge burden from my shoulder
Which i bear on it since the day I was elected as Sports Club Chairperson
Of course, without the teams, players, committees, helpers
We aren't achieve anything
Together we worked and create miracle.. =)

Alright, is time to put a side sports club
And back to my academic
2 tests to go
1 assignment to go
1 fyp report to go

12th August 2011

Time flies..

11th August 2011
One of the most remarkable day in my university life

Out of a dead and quiet campus
Where every student are busy attending classes and lab
The campus are filled with voice and noise:

All of this noise came from:
-interaction between students from different course
-interaction between seniors and juniors from same course
-interaction between students from same class

everyone are supporting each other
seniors and juniors indirectly bonded to support their own course

This is something we can't really see in a dead and quiet campus
Which actually we, Sports Club created it.

11th August 2011

Time flies..

After blanked for so long...
Is time for me to update or write down my latest status in my life

Is week 11
Will facing super peak period in following 2 weeks
I don't really have much time to sit down and rest myself
Although is kinda tired
Is hoping that my super cell will stay on till the end of my final exam

-An hour assignment presentation on monday, which required me to present for about half an hour and have to prepare well with concrete knowledge, in order to resist shooting from concrete maniac, dr.lim for another half an hour

-A super assignment, due on next friday. Really wanted to start it, but, there are some more urgent stuff to do, which forced me to on hold the assignment

-Sports Carnival on 21st August, have to coordinate all the recruitment

-Final year report due date and presentation getting nearer and nearer

-Preparation for Sustainable Concrete Competition

Well, I think this is the maximum load I can take
before my brain overloaded
and start sloping down..

No matter what,
I shall ensure that, for everything I did
I will definitely put my best effort on it
and finish it in the shortest time

26th July 2011

Time flies...

Quite a number of days apart since my last post
Which kinda busy + lazy to update my blog
Endless works awaiting me

- assisting in BOSCH car competition, helping my housemate, MERT team
- Sports carnival
- Assignments
- Talks
- Soft skill program
- Meeting
- Assist Dr.Lim in consultancy work
- and the latest, was invited to be GK for utar futsal team
- Concrete tournament (maybe)

Changes, is the only unchanged in the world
Lately, I felt changes
Positive changes? Negative changes?
Time is the only thing to prove it....

Bersih 2.0


A remarkable day in Malaysia history
More then 50k of Rakyat
Stormed into KL
have a PEACE rally
Against unfair and dark polling system in our country

But it turn out to be some sort of chaos
YB Najib gamble back fired!
Tear gas, chemical water were the gifts to demonstrator
With all the brutal and violent treats from Federal Reserve Unit(FRU) to peace demonstrator

Post rally even worse
They are trying to cover what they had did on that day
With some brainless reason and lie
Which all the lies are proven to be wrong
With videos and pictures available in FB

You have the world when you have the Rakyat heart
Right now, their mind is money, money and money only
Good Luck and merry christmas to them

7th July 2011

Time flies..

Sports Club first meeting of new session
Conducted by me..
Before this...
I was merely an meeting attendant only
The position switched
I'm the meeting conductor
There are alot of room of improvements to the way I conducting meeting
Well, I would said that I'm glad
As I founded out this problem at this stage
Which I still have the opportunity and time to sharpen and improve it..=)

A great news
Left 2 batches of concrete to cast for Concrete Technology
Hope to finish it by next week...

All the best

Sharing Session with Dato Ir. Hong Lee Pee

Time flies..

6th July 2011, one of the greatest day in my Uni life
Met Dato Ir. Hong Lee Pee
One of the pioneer engineer in Civil engineering, especially in Geotechnical field
Which he invented and introduce a lot of solutions to problems related to Geotechnical

He was invited to UTAR
For sharing his past experience with students
As IEM Student Chapter-UTAR is the co-organiser for the event
So, I am one of the helpers , which is the secretariat for registration corner

Due to time constraint
Dato Ir. Hong skipped alots of slides at the ending part
Which we miss out quite alot of his invention
But the front part is fantastic too..

The only imperfection for the sharing session is Q&A session
I distributed some of questions to my friends
Which they are required to ask or edit and ask question to Dato Ir. Hong
End up...
None of them asking any question
Which I have to stand up
And ask Dato Ir. Hong a question
In order to 'protect' the good name of UTAR

Today is a great day
Because I met a GREAT engineer+entrepreneur

4th July 2011

Time flies...

Powerpack monday...
1 hour discussion with mr.alvin
1 hour Concrete Technology test
10 minutes short presentation to junior
10 minutes short meeting with FES Dean, Dr.Wang

1 hour discussion with mr.alvin
Is a fruitful discussion
As we discussed events and activities
That have potential to be Sports Club event
But the upcoming is Sports Carnival
The Biggest event, which I looking forward to it..

Done my first test of this semester
Kinda easy test
Or I should said
My effort do paid me =)

Introduced Institution of Engineer, Malaysia (IEM) to junior
Great feeling when I delivering my speech to them
Something like I patiently watering a seed
And watching the seed growing to become a tree

The last is meeting with Dr.Wang
Regarding upcoming talk
Entrepreneurial Sharing Session by Dato Ir. Hong Lee Pee
A very successful engineer and person in society
Who has heart to share his good thing with the young generation
Looking forward to meet him on wednesday

A greater day ahead
Good night..=)

Archidex 2011

Time flies...

Attended Archidex 2011 on today, at KLCC
The exhibition is about interior design and architecture
Although I'm from Civil
But nothing wrong right if I visit the exhibition
Can gain more knowledge, know latest products and updates in market
Saw alot of innovative and creative products
Which I really impress and salute to it
In term of the design or function or technology..

Tried to jio her out for dinner
But failed due to particular reason
Mixed feeling...XD
Next time ba...
Sure got chance geh...

I'm running with u
I wish u could slow down
But seems like u are running non-stop at faster and faster and faster pace
Increasing my speed is a must
Endless journey
Kinda tired
I would run as far as I could
No matter how tired am I.

1st July 2011

Time flies...

1st day in July, is an extra ordinary day for me
A sleepless night to rush Concrete Design Analysis assignment
And first badminton session in 3-4 years with friends after class
how far do my limit can go? the answer remain unknown..XD

Busy month ahead of me
Start from next week:
A test for Concrete technology
A quiz for Application in Environmental
Cube strength testsss for my FYP
Sports Club first meeting since 2011/2012 session formed
Organising 2 talks for IEM Student Chapter-UTAR
Recruitment of participant for UTAR Kampar Run
Softskill programs on weekend
and etc...

I like to challenge myself
but ini macam sudah over challenge myself
or just as Steve Job said
Everything in our life are just like points
We can only connect the points when we look at the back

Is meaningless to declare how much do I sacrificed or paid out
As I just wanted to see the output and result, is worth as much as my sacrifices...
Do not hesitate, just go ahead

26th June 2011

Time flies...

Attended 3rd softskill program- Innovative Marketing Tools by Blue Ocean Strategy
A sudden participation in this program
As I didn't go back Klang during this weekend

Blue ocean strategy
In short
Targeting new group of people or a group of unexpected consumer
By eliminate, reducing, raising and creating value of a product
To make that particular group of people accept the product
Without facing any competition from close competitor

Definitely, I do learn something from today session
But to practice it in real life, is another issue
So, try my best to understand the theory behind and fully utilize it

Time really flies...
4/14 weeks of Y4S1 passed...

I macam learn nothing in class after 4 weeks
My FYP progress macam manyak cepat, tapi macam manyak lambat juga
I macam sedang bull shitting...hahaha
Any how, stick to my aims
Put my best effort in everything I do

22nd June 2011

Time flies..

Dusty blog
Shall clean it right now with my updatess

Recently..I'm busy, busy and busy
Academic and Co-curriculum
Have to keep balance in between this 2

Final Year Project (FYP)
Super busy
Lab already be my second home
Cast, sieve, test are the works I doing everyday
Hope all the data are nice and handsome
So that I could get the desired result

Finished Sports Club AGM today
It should be a happy ending
Stepping down as Secretary for 2010/2011 session
I was elected as Chairperson for upcoming session
Something unexpected
Thanks for all my friends who trusted and have faith on me
But decided to step down or be temporary care taker
after deep consideration
Which right now the most important thing is
Do the right thing at right time
Although co-curriculum is important
I shall focus more on my academic at this time, especially is my final year

Isn't an issue
The most important issue is busy with worth

5th June 2011

Time flies..

Week 1 done
As expected
Going to be crazily busy for this semester

Started my FYP on last friday
Right now still at initial stage, which is Trial Mix stage
I have to get the right mix proportion
Before I could further my step
Hope to get it done by Week 2
So that I could proceed as fast as I could
And at the same time ensure I'm on the right track

A little bit more to do in Week 2 other than FYP is recruitment drive
For 2 clubs: Sports Club and IEM Student Chapter-UTAR
Most of the committee went to internship
And I have to take up the responsibility
And continue it until the baton is pass to next generation

Right now
My dream
My aims
Encouragement from family member and friendsss
Are the source of momentum
For me to go and go and go...

31st May 2011

Time flies..

Y4S1 kickoff
I'm officially final year student
1 year away from graduation

Work harder
Work harder and harder
Work harder and harder and harder
Work harder and harder and harder and harder
Double up my effort

Create miracle
Make impossible to possible
I shall belanja A's for the rest of the subject in this year
I shall do very well and excellent in my FYP
I shall carry out my work and responsibility to my best effort

Go beyond limit in my final year
Paint and decorate it with colourful legend

1 Malaysia Solar Competition

1 Malaysia Solar Competition 2011
Organised by Myrobotz and Pusat Sains Negara
Co-organised by UTAR and UNITEN
The competition is divided into 2 categories: solar car and solar boat
UNITEN in charge solar car event
while UTAR in charge solar boat event

I'm proud to be one of the crew and judge of the competition
The competition is 4 days event
But been to Pusat Sains Negara for 5 consecutive days
As the extra day is used for meeting and briefing regarding the competition

Our job throughout the whole competition: Judge+eat+play+enjoy
This is totally a new experience for me
Happy to work with everyone

27th May 2011

Time flies...

having wonderful moment in my life
pretty much thing to update in My Life Story
I will just squeeze it into this post
as i lazy did not have much time to wrote it in few posts..

Went to P.Pinang trip on last saturday
Originally it was a 3 days 2 night trip
We extended it to 4 days 3 night
And knew a lot of nice and friendly penangite
Which all of them are Lek Mon housemate...=)
Thanks Jye Yng, Billy, Ching Zhong, Swc, Emo, Ho Mama, Shu Mei
For being our tourist
Bring us play around penang
Bring us eat around penang
Will upload the photo and video as soon as I get the photos..

1 Malaysia Solar Competition, co-organised by UTAR
Is fun for being one of the helper/judge of the competition
Went to Pusat Sains Negara for 3 days since Wednesday
And 2 more days to go
Initially I expecting we are required to do a lot of work
And at the end it turn out to be an easy task
We are incharge of Solar Boat competition
Therefore, out attire is slipper+short pant+shirt only..
Super casual+no professional image at all
But, most of the time is visiting and playing in Pusat Sains Negara
Rather than really be the helper/judge at there

My Y3S3 examination result out on yesterday
did pretty well
Just a little bit disappointed to Water Supply and Treatment paper
It was an easy paper
But due to 'technical' problem
It pulled down my GPA
Overall, I still satisfied with the result
Thanks everyone who supported me..=)

Holiday is over-ing
Left 2 more days
Y4S1, Final Year will start on next monday
A very very busy semester ahead
2 Clubs + FYP + Co-Curriculum + SoftSkill talks + Study
Determined to EXCEL in EVERYTHING I DID!!

20th May 2011

Time flies...

Having my semester break since finished my last paper,
which is 7 days ago

2 weeks of break
Finishing the first week
Nothing to do at home
Growing mushroom
watch HK drama

Awaiting my following weeks
As it shall be interesting..=)
Off to Pinang from 21st-23rd May
And will the helper for 1 Malaysia Solar Competition from 24th-29th May

When something went wrong or the desired outcome is not on the right path
Is time to put a brake and stop
Relax and get more information
And GO...

I reinstate
In short run, the world is unfair
In long run, the world is fair

Mother Day 2011

This post should be in my blog since yesterday
Thanks to Streamyx and it common characteristic-downline
I have to delay it till today

First and everything of all
Happy Mother Day to my lovely Mum

Thanks you
For working tirelessly and hard
In organising our home
In concerning our house members

Accept my heartiest apologize
For any action or behavior
That hurt you
I'm sorry...

Wish your dreamsss come true
Wish you happy alway
Wish you healthy alway
I love you, Mum

9th May 2011

Time flies..

30/4/11 Water Supply and Treatment
4/5/11 Highway and Transportation
5/5/11 Engineer in Society
9/5/11 Management Principle
11/5/11 Hydraulic System and Design
13/5/11 Structural Steel Design

4 papers DONE!
Left the last two


30th April 2011

Time flies...

30/4/11 Water Supply and Treatment
4/5/11 Highway and Transportation
5/5/11 Engineer in Society
9/5/11 Management Principle
11/5/11 Hydraulic System and Design
13/5/11 Structural Steel Design

Had my first paper of the semester on today
I gave my best, I have no regret on it..XD

When the output is less than the expectation output
Although the input increased
This mean something wrong in between input and output
Strategic changed, 1+1=2 rather than x+y+z=9

5 papers to go!
Keep focus and concentration
Know the goal
Head toward it..=)

28th April 2011

Time flies...

2 days away from my first paper
Water Supply and Treatment
Kinda difficult for Civil Eng student to study this subject as it involve a lot of chemistry
Which we already export back to lecturer and teacher

No matter how, this is life
Keep carry on
Keep going on
Never give up

All the best !

I’m a Pirate, Take Me To Stranger Tides!

I'm a Pirate, Take Me To Stranger Tides!

"Captain Iverson D.Yuan, we founded an Island, 15km to North..."
"Captain Iverson D.Yuan, we have new member!"
"Captain Iverson D.Yuan, our enemy are attacking our ship..."
"Captain Iverson D.Yuan, we won the battles!"

Being a pirate will be tremendously wonderful experience...
As all the above scenes will happen at anytime, any place and any occasion.

For me, the best 3 things about being a pirate are my goal & dream, the adventurous journeys and my crew

Goal & Dream, is the ignition in doing everything
With the goal & dream of becoming the world greatest Pirate on earth
It certainly drive me to adventure and exploring the sea with the ship
Flagged my own Pirate Flag in every places I went
Never give up, never coward
Just Go Ahead

2 important and best things, The Adventurous Journey and The Crew
Is a must, in colouring my own pirate history
thus, accomplishing my goal & dream in becoming the greatest pirate on earth

How lonely can I be if I was the only person on the ship, travelling around the sea
It will be fantastic if there is more members on the ship
Everyone of us put our life on other crews hand and we are bonded with TRUST

Together, we adventure and explore the sea
Together, we explore new place and island
Together, we fight against the enemy
Together, we share the joy
Together, we share the pride
Together, we achieve the goal & dream
Together, we be the greatest ever pirate in history

Pirates of the Caribbean 4

21st April 2011

Time flies...
9 days before my first paper, Water Supply and Treatment

So fast yet so slow
Coming to the end of my Y3S3
wow...another 14 weeks just pass like that
with assignments, tests
and of course, the process in doing facing those two thing
just wonderful and unforgettable

Will having 6 papers in next 3 weeks
Shall set some regulations and restrictions for myself
In order to achieve my Goal:
-MUST restrict my Facebook time to less than 1.5 hour, this is the main and primary restriction
-MUST restrict my sleeping time to maximum 6 hours per day
-MUST study at least 15 hours per day

Before that, I have to finish my very last assignment of the semester
a 5-6 pages report
but with 30 marks on it...o.0


IEM 52nd Annual Dinner & Awards Night 2011

Time flies..

Yesterday was Institution of Engineer Malaysia (IEM) 52nd Annual Dinner & Awards Night 2011. Is my honour and pleasure to attend this wonderful and grand dinner, upon invitation from Young Engineer & Student Section (YES) chairperson, Engr. Shuhairy to IEM-UTAR student chapter committee.

The dinner was held at Putrajaya Marriott Hotel, a 5-star rated hotel with beautiful and grand exterior and interior design. And of course, smart and handsome attire is a must for this grand dinner.

Reached Marriott Hotel around 6pm. Half an hour earlier than required reaching time. Entered the Grand Ballroom at 7pm. All the heavyweight Engineerss were there!! wow wow.. Met a lot of YES committee members. This is the programme book of the night

All the honorable guests are sit on their respectively seat before the commencement of the dinner

The VVIP Guests

2010/11 Session President, Ir. Prof. Dato' Dr Chuah Hean Teik

The dinner start at 8.30pm sharp together with a dance and speeches from newly elected president, Ir. Vincent Chen.

The first dish, hot and cold plate

This is the IEM Young Engineer & Student section committee
Left: Engr. Aswad, Co-opt member
Middle: Engr. Shuhairy, President
Right: Hizaruddin

IEM Young Engineer& Student section group photo

IEM Young Engineer & Student section are toasting with new president, Ir. Vincent Chen

Toasting with past president, Ir. Prof. Dato' Dr. Chuah Hean Teik

Another group photo before the end of the dinner

Come to the end of the dinner
I have some undescribeable feeling
Felt great, wonderful, awesome as I'm part of this great organisation
When crazy, everyone crazy together
When serious, everyone serious together
Hope to meet them in future again...=)

11th April 2011

Time flies...
Countdown to first Final Paper: 19 days

Is Monday again
Is very very happy to say that
I have a pack and enriched weekend
and is glad that I painting my life colourfully.
and I would definitely continue to paint it colourfully.

On saturday, IEM-UTAR Student Chapter has successfully carried out first ever event since it established, which is about few months back.
Kim Yeong, Me, Tat Ming and Boon Kang were the event organising committee
With the blessing from everyone
And efforts shown by us
And supportive respond shown by the student
And Choon Wai, Ah Mah, Jiun Leong, Hua Jian and Henry for willingly to be the drivers of the day.
Without all of this, the event wouldn't as successful as that day.

This event is about a trip to attend talk on 'Engineer As Consulting Engineer'
The venue is Wisma IEM, which located at PJ
And the speaker of the day is G&P Director, Ir. Prof. Dr. Gue See Sew

Something important I learnt:
-The more you give, the more you gain
-When something is free, just go and try on it, you lose nothing

For Sunday, I had a great session with Mr. Goh Kek Seng
I would call him as teacher
So, he is an experienced teacher and very good in delivering his experiences and knowledge in 'Interviewing Skills'
This event is one of the soft skill program organised by UTAR Department of Soft Skill Competency (UDSSC)

Throughout the whole day, I learned a lot of secret about the interview session
how to build the best impression on myself to the interviewer(s),
how to tackle the question asked and etc..
how to negotiate the salary and benefit
Is great that I attended this program
Else, GG.com.
I'm going to do some stupid fools in front of interviewer in future

Final examination is around the corner, which is about 19days to go
Is good to see people who did well in the past examination
See them as role model
Create a systematic environment, so that the systematic environment could create positive energy
Induce discipline into myself, 'face book' rather than combine that two word
Hardworking in revising the note
I am determining in getting my name back to at least DEAN LIST again!

Petsmore - Cute & Adorable Guinea Pig

Petsmore.com Photo Contest is back!!

My friend, Jye Yng cute and adorable Guinea Pig (left to right: Mama, Xiao Bai, Emo, 5Yen) participate the photo contest too...

Mama, Xiao Bai, Emo and 5Yen need 'LIKE' from you..
Their target is 500 'LIKE's

Can You Help them 'like' their photo:

First, 'like' Petsmore official Page @ http://www.facebook.com/petsmore

Second, 'like' their photo @ http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150131163177304&set=a.10150131161812304.283872.118663542303

Thanks you...=D

Birthday 2011

Time flies...

4th days after April Fool...
Is a big day in my life...
because I was born on this day, 5th April...

22 years
I went through and experience a lot of so call 'life experience'..
Of course...those 'life experience' I went through is still very very very small compare to the 'life experience' i expecting myself to gain...
This is life..
Everyday we learn
Everyday we experience
For everything we learned and experienced,
it will automatically record in 'life experience'...

I have a very FUN and BLAST birthday on today
My coursemate have a birthday celebration for me and Yi Wen at Mcdonald, Alpha Angle Jusco
Because she have same birth day with me...

Plan A:
They put a layer of wasabi into 2 pieces of cake
and expecting me and Yi Wen to 'cry' while eating the wasabi cake
Who know....
The chocolate cake cream wraped the wasabi particle
And we didnt feel any wasabi effect
Plan A failed!

Plan B:
They wanted us to drink the pure lime....
Who know...
Due to miscommunication problem
My friend mixed the lime with sprite
And we didnt feel any lime effect
Plan B failed!

Plan C:
They pour the colouring water (RED) into balloon
And want to "Angry Bird" me...
Out of 10 ballons
I kena 1 or 2 only....
Plan C considered fail also!!!

I escaped
But I'm pity the following person
As we learned and absorbed the failure

Well, currently is 11.53pm
7 minutes away to enter next day, 6th April
I would like take the opportunity to thanks all my friends, housemate, coursemate
Thanks Timothy, KangWai, Garrett and YeeSian for the sudden Birthday Song on yesterday
Thanks CI May 2008 for the birthday celebration
Thanks for all my friends, family members who wished my 'Happy Birthday'

All of your celebration and wishes my today
the day of the year 2011... =)

April Fool 2011

Time flies...
Is 1st April, Is April Fool..

April Fool, is a nice day to fool and prank people..=)
I pranked most of my fren in a FB post!!...hahahaha

To: Lek Mon, Wai Yee, Andrew, Guan Wei, Dickshen, Jeffrey, SuLing, PeiLing, LeWei, Joaryn, Joanne, Diong Diong, Shereen, XinYi, JyeYng
From: Bao Ooi Yuan
Date: 1st April 2011
Titile: My Girlfriend ~~♥

Refer to the title above, hereby I announce loud and clearly: I no longer single anymore.

"I wish my GF would be a very nice girl, who is not materialistic, will not get angry for no reason and is very understanding. Most importantly, not a big spender.". Finally, I founded a girl who fulfilled all the requirement stated. And today I would like to introduce her to all my friends and share the joy with me:http://facebook.com/profile.php?=56483397

♥ ♥ ♥

I didn't know who created the link
Maybe created by Mark Zuckerberg himself to add April Fool Atmosphere
Basically the link work in this way:

Whoever click the link, their profile will shown up.
For example: I clicked the link, so my profile is shown. I
f andrew clicked the link, andrew profile is shown.

All the recipients were so shy when they click on the link...
Because they thought that I confess to them at open and public place...

Happy April FOOL!!!
Hope my friends wont disheart
As I didnt mean anything
Except create some April Fool Atmosphere...=)

Good news for me!!
Dr. Lim Siong Kang accepted me as one of his FYP student..=)
Now is the starting of my busy period
As I need to plan my FYP schedule
Because there are alot of works waiting me
Sieve sand, sieve POFA, cast concretessssss
7 days, 28 days, 90 days, 160 days...
Report I, Report II
Aiming an 'A' from Dr.Lim...
All the best...

31st March 2011

Time flies...
Here goes the last day of March 2011

Yesterday have a 2 and a half hours consultation
with my advisor, Dr. Lim Siong Kang
Amazingly, 2 and a half hours, which is longer than a normal lecture class

Currently I in Y3S3
And next year will be my final year
And I think is time for me to plan my final year project(FYP)
Who should I choose as my mentor...
What topic should be my FYP title...

Actually from beginning, I already plan to choose Dr.Lim as my mentor
After listen to Tat Ming regarding other lecturers FYP topic
Dr.Lim would be my final choice due to:
-Dr.Lim just like my brother...XD
-Dr.Lim topic is more interesting as it about concrete and more to laboratory work
-I'm not the type of person which will directly take people work and declare it as my work
-interest in structural design but the lecturer is sort of permanent head damage...XD

Topic choosen: Palm Oil Fuel Ash (POFA) integrate with Light Weight Concrete
However, the topic is not finalise yet
As I have to find the POFA source
Which I think I could easily get from Southern Acid
Now the only consideration is the quantity of POFA I can get from them

1 more year....
I'm going to graduate!!
Y3S3 + Y4S1 + Y4S2 + FYP
Nearing the ending stage of my Degree in Civil Eng.
All the best to myself...=)

MESCORP 2010/2011 (110326)

MESCORP 2010/2011 has successfully carry out at Multimedia University (MMU), Cyberjaya on today. UTAR sent 40 participants to the MESCORP conference and exhibition and I'm one of them. This event is really successful... Why? Well planned for every single event and details, covered from planning, sponsorship, pre-registration, registration, the talks, the exhibition, the food prepared. All were well done! The organizing committee deserved the credit.

Departed from UTAR at 7am and reach MMU around 8.15am. When I first enter the Uni, it was like: wow..no fight at all if FES campus compared with MMU...No doubt, the facilities provided, the environment, the campus size, the building design and maintenance in MMU is much much more better than FES campus..

After registration and have our refreshment, the event start off with first session talk tittled: "The Rise of Green Technology: As Insight into Solar Technology in Malaysia". This talk delivered by Ms. Esther Soo and Mr. Hor Thong Chin, director of MESCORP 2010/11. After first session talk ended, we proceed to the exhibition located beside the multipurpose hall. A lot of Green Technology real life example are exhibited in this exhibition.

Solar panel has a total of four generation. This is the first generation of solar panel. First generation of solar panel if further divide into Monocrystaline and Polycrystaline. The photo below show the Monocrystaline Solar Panel. Differences between both of them?? I didn't know much except the efficiency between the two, which Monocrystaline Solar Panel have higher efficiency compare to Polycrystaline Solar Panel. For any further information about the two, please Gooooogle yourself..

This is the second generation of solar panel. The efficiency is lower than first generation solar panel. Lower than? yup, lower than. This is because the priority of second generation solar panel is the cost. They wish to come out something lower in term of price and cost.

This device grabbed my attention the most. Do you know what is this... No idea? Actually this is solar panel HP charger, manufactured by YingLi Green Energy Holding Co..ltd.. Wish to have 1.

Besides solar panel, building built with green technology also exhibited in the exhibition. After the exhibition, we continue on with second session talk, titled: Energy Issue: The Trend and Development of Green Energy in Malaysia. The talk was delivered by Mr. Paul Millot and Dr. Chen Sau Soon.

After taken our lunch, we have about an hour to go. So, we lepak and cam whore arond MMU. This is one of the photo taken at MMU:

(from left to right) siew hie, soke sien, sin chan, nina, lin huey, me, tat ming, kam and ci ai

Me, Kam(behind me) and Tat Ming...

Tat Ming...

Professor Dato Dr. Ir. Lim Ooi Yuan shaking hand with Dato Dr. Ir. Ya Tat Ming...

Is 2pm and we have the third session talk, titled: Building and Architecture: Green Building's Contribution in Reducing Carbon Emmision. The talk was delivered by Ir. Chen Thiam Leong and an ang mo. I duno the ang mo name, I only know he is from Denmark.

The fourth session talk was given by En. Mohamed Azrin Mohamed Ali. The title of the talk is Environmentally Friendly Vehicle: The Electric Car.

The fifth and the last session talk, titled: Photovoltaic Technology: Emerging Energy Sources. The talk was given by Prof. Dr.Kamaruzzaman Sopian and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nowshad Amin.

The last session of MESCORP, which is also the session awaited by entire MESCORP participant, LUCKY DRAW. Grand Prize, an IPAD!! And the lucky number is 1228! Tat Ming ticket number....

I-generation: Ipad, Iphone, Itouch

Finally it come to the end of MESCORP 2010/2011 after we took a group photo. I learned a lot of Green Energy and Green Technology knowledges such as the current green technology available, electric car, characteristic of a green energy building and etc.... I found that I really enjoy the conference and appreciate MMU Engineering Society for organising such informative conference for universiti student. This allow me to learn more and understand better in Green Energy and Green Technology.