The end of my internship

Time flies...

31st December 2010, 5.15pm
I officially end my internship, after shake hand with my project manager, Mr. Chong

Mix feeling right now...
Feel so happy because my internship end ad,
but at the same time feel so reluctant, because I no longer working at the site

Taman Putra Prima, phase 8B
A site with alot of great team
Barbender, carpenter, masonry, kongsi kong...
I will miss u all

Chong Y.S, Kua H.B, Hatta, Fitri, Chong C.K, Lim E.G, Afzal
Thanks u all
For take care me during this 3 months
For patiently taught me alot of thing during this 3 months
Sorry for any trouble caused by me...

And not forgotten, Kwo H.S
who helped me during my first day
Asked me go inside office and sit while waiting the person in-charge
Bring me newspaper while waiting the person in-charge
Switch on the air-cond while waiting the person in-charge
Bring me meet the person in-charge
And I thought he is 'small soldier' in the office
Manatau... he bring me to his personal office labelled: Senior Project Manyzer after I met the person in-charge...
wow...haha....really surprise
He really nice...
totally no lansi lanyong like tat

Wish the project will go smoothly
And can finish it before contract end
All the best to u guy and myself too...
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