4th December 2010

Time flies...

Is December!!
Is last month of the year
Is last month for my internship

From very busy to very free at site for the past 2-3 weeks
The site work progress is so slow
All sub-con workers, project manager and all the site supervisor have nothing to do
All of this happened is due to the clerk of work

Even thought I'm quite new to the construction industry
But I also can see that the clerk of work are playing a fool with us
The main purpose is waiting us to belanja them duit kopi
Ask them to inspect our work
Then they will said later la...
They work ot, but they claim the ot money from my company instead of their own company
This is something which I feel so strange
Now, the housing project is far behind schedule

I duno is my project manager too naive or I'm still fresh in this industry
He alway said: If we treat them nicely, they will treat us nicely too
But does he think bout there are somebody who will pijak till our head if we treat them too nice?
With salary of around 2k per month, he can drive mercedes, wear rolex, wear branded apparels
Can see that how big is his kopi cup

If I were the project manager, I will refuse to approve and sign their ot
Ask all the sub con stop giving them ang pow each month
I'm sure they will change after 2-3 months
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