19th December 2010

Time flies....

11 days to go for my internship
After 11 days, I going to leave my company, Kitacon Sdn. Bhd.
After 11 days, I going to leave my site, Taman Putra Prima, phase 8B

After graduate, will I enter Kitacon again?
I'm sure this is the question they will ask me in next 11 days
My answer??
Most probably I will answer: not sure...I can't plan right now because I still got 1 and a half year to go before I could graduate....

The sample house
Which shall be done by 15th Dec 2010
I can't see the complete house.....

A person, who always think himself/herself is smart, is an idiot
A person, who knew himself/herself weakness, but refuse to change, is an idiot
A person, who think that his/her weakness very awesome, is an idiot
A person, who always blame this and that, but never blame himself/herself, is an idiot

You may said I'm wrong
You may said I'm stupid
But I can tell you
Whether I'm wrong or stupid
Is not determine by your mouth or word
Is determine by myself
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