The end of my internship

Time flies...

31st December 2010, 5.15pm
I officially end my internship, after shake hand with my project manager, Mr. Chong

Mix feeling right now...
Feel so happy because my internship end ad,
but at the same time feel so reluctant, because I no longer working at the site

Taman Putra Prima, phase 8B
A site with alot of great team
Barbender, carpenter, masonry, kongsi kong...
I will miss u all

Chong Y.S, Kua H.B, Hatta, Fitri, Chong C.K, Lim E.G, Afzal
Thanks u all
For take care me during this 3 months
For patiently taught me alot of thing during this 3 months
Sorry for any trouble caused by me...

And not forgotten, Kwo H.S
who helped me during my first day
Asked me go inside office and sit while waiting the person in-charge
Bring me newspaper while waiting the person in-charge
Switch on the air-cond while waiting the person in-charge
Bring me meet the person in-charge
And I thought he is 'small soldier' in the office
Manatau... he bring me to his personal office labelled: Senior Project Manyzer after I met the person in-charge...
wow...haha....really surprise
He really nice...
totally no lansi lanyong like tat

Wish the project will go smoothly
And can finish it before contract end
All the best to u guy and myself too...

26th December 2010

Time flies...

A belated Merry Christmas wish from me...

6 days to go....
my internship will go to the end...
After that I will have about 2 weeks plus break
And I will back to Uni life....
No more under hot sun
No more walking around
3 months...
a long and short period...
a interesting and boring period...
And rumour said that my project manager going to treat me eat abalone....
true? false? Will know the answer by last day, 31st Dec

6 days to go...
2010 will end
2011 will come
Everything will be the same?
Everything will be the different?
Everything will be better?
Everything will be worse?

For every action taken and thing done, it will result in our life....
Find out why for every changes instead of blaming the whole world....
Peak and low, is a must in life
No matter how,
tomorrow is better than today and today is better than yesterday

19th December 2010

Time flies....

11 days to go for my internship
After 11 days, I going to leave my company, Kitacon Sdn. Bhd.
After 11 days, I going to leave my site, Taman Putra Prima, phase 8B

After graduate, will I enter Kitacon again?
I'm sure this is the question they will ask me in next 11 days
My answer??
Most probably I will answer: not sure...I can't plan right now because I still got 1 and a half year to go before I could graduate....

The sample house
Which shall be done by 15th Dec 2010
I can't see the complete house.....

A person, who always think himself/herself is smart, is an idiot
A person, who knew himself/herself weakness, but refuse to change, is an idiot
A person, who think that his/her weakness very awesome, is an idiot
A person, who always blame this and that, but never blame himself/herself, is an idiot

You may said I'm wrong
You may said I'm stupid
But I can tell you
Whether I'm wrong or stupid
Is not determine by your mouth or word
Is determine by myself

12th December 2010

Time flies...

Is the end of Sunday
Is the end of my 4 days holidays
Tomorrow I will back to my internship
Which left bout 18 days

4 days......
Time just past like that
and it pass really fast

Still remember clearly 4 days back
I went to Genting Highland with my brothers: lek mon, andrew, wai yee and choo yeong
Haha....when we are together, especially alcoholic gun king, andrew chua
We sure laugh till beh sua beh go....because his pattern always more badminton

We plan to go there, have a small gathering among brothers and relax ourself only
Who know......
We end up most of our time in casino
But we weren't crazy in gambling
We just went in and see people gambling
And coincidentally Genting having new genting card membership promotion
Newly sign up is entitle a RM20 credit
5 of us sign up and used the credit to play slot machine
manage to win RM10+RM20=RM30

A simple 2D1N trip
But is full of fun and memorable memories...

Hope we can have more trip
No matter where we go
As long as we are together
We confirm happy together
We confirm laugh together
We confirm siao together

Below is the pictures, which compiled by me into a video....

4th December 2010

Time flies...

Is December!!
Is last month of the year
Is last month for my internship

From very busy to very free at site for the past 2-3 weeks
The site work progress is so slow
All sub-con workers, project manager and all the site supervisor have nothing to do
All of this happened is due to the clerk of work

Even thought I'm quite new to the construction industry
But I also can see that the clerk of work are playing a fool with us
The main purpose is waiting us to belanja them duit kopi
Ask them to inspect our work
Then they will said later la...
They work ot, but they claim the ot money from my company instead of their own company
This is something which I feel so strange
Now, the housing project is far behind schedule

I duno is my project manager too naive or I'm still fresh in this industry
He alway said: If we treat them nicely, they will treat us nicely too
But does he think bout there are somebody who will pijak till our head if we treat them too nice?
With salary of around 2k per month, he can drive mercedes, wear rolex, wear branded apparels
Can see that how big is his kopi cup

If I were the project manager, I will refuse to approve and sign their ot
Ask all the sub con stop giving them ang pow each month
I'm sure they will change after 2-3 months