17th November 2010

Time flies...

Today is Hari Raya Haji
Nonit go site..=)

Went to Bukit Tinggi Jusco to watch Harry Potter 7 with Andrew, Dickshen and Wai Yee

Muslim korban lembu on this day
But I korban-ed my wallet on this day
RM14 for a ticket..
walaoeh...stunned...sibeh expensive...
Yet, the cinema still full
The movie too nice or the price too cheap??

The movie quite nice, but need to wait till part 2, only can see the ending
Which coming out in next year

Lek Mon and Choo Yeong coming back
They will reach Klang on next thursday...
Miss my brother so much....

Happy Public Holiday to everyone!!

River Flows In You

River flows in you.....
I just love this song so so much....
A piano piece from pianist, Yiruma

The piece is so smooth and relaxing
And the pitch of the piece
Just like our life

Sometime slow...
Sometime fast...
Sometime high...
Sometime low...
No matter what
Our life still going on

Yesterday attended parent friend son wedding buffet dinner
And as usual....
Those adult will start chit chat while or after eat
And I remembered part of the conversation
Which they talking and kidding bout me...

whatever they talking about me already crossed my mind in few months or few years back...
Just that I didn't express out to my parent

The moral of the story of successful person:
They dare to dream
They dare to set their dream as their target
They dare to workout in every and any way, just to achieve their target
They turned their dream into reality
And they success.......

14th November 2010

Time flies....
This is my first post of the month

Today is 14th November...
Time is moving on
No matter what happen
We always think that time is moving slow
But when we review back, we will realize that time is actually moving very fast

From my last semester last paper until today
One and a half month past
And my internship,
One and a half month to go

During this one and a half month
I worked very hard
And I learned a lot
And I understand a lot

But, at the same time I confused about what am I doing right now
My life is so repetitive in this one and a half month
Until I felt quite boring
Maybe the reason behind is I just limited to one particular housing project only
And I didn't have any chance to visit other site

Anyhow, I believe that I made a right choice
One and a half month to go
Once again, time past really fast
Go Go Go...