6th October 2010

Time flies...

Finally, today can update my blog...
My blog has been in inactive status for a short period of time...
Well...not because I'm lazy..
Is because I hardly can find time to update my blog...

My internship started on 1st Oct
I was given 2 choices, Puchong or Bukit Raja
I choose Puchong site
Because the site started about 1 and a half month ago only
So, I'm able to see how a double story house build from foundation to top of the roof...=)
The on-going project at Puchong is at Taman Putra Prima, Phase 8b
248 houses consist of double storey and 2 and half storey house will build on the site.

Actually I duno my working days
Whether is from Monday to Friday or to Saturday...XD
So, I work from Monday till Saturday...
And my working hours is from 8am to 5pm.
But because of I work at site
Most of the time also ot

So, basically what I did on site??
I also duno what should a civil engineer do on site
So, i just read the plan and drawing
Walk around the site
See how the worker work
See how the formwork build, how they install the reinforcement bar and etc..
Do leveling
And follow the site engineer check the work done
So far, this is what I did everyday

But sometime I feel kinda boring
Because when the workers are doing their work, I have nothing to do
We only need to check their final work or solve any problem they encounter while working..

One more thing
I'm getting darker and darker...=(
Everyday also exposing myself under freaking hot sun...
Duno need how many months of effort to fair back...-.-''

Hope my 3 months industrial training will be fun, wonderful, interesting
And the experience gained will guide me to know more deeper about this field,
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  1. Xjion89 Says:

    hv fun in ur training~~~
    dun forget to visit me ooo^^