21st October 2010

Time flies...

Finally got some time to update my status in my blog...=)
Hardly found extra time to update my blog even though I got so much experiences...

I'm having my internship
And my site is at Puchong
But my supervisor, which is also the project manager hardly care me 1
Therefore, usually I follow other site supervisor
Learned many thing from them
But I have much to learn
And I'm far away to be a real engineer

Today happened 1 interesting incident
My company boss came and visit the site
And coincidentally the client manager also came
And that lansi lanyong indian clerk of work (COW) want lansi again
Take the opportunity to critic this and that to my boss
So that he can 'perform' in front of his manager
At the end, my boss scold back him...

He deserved it....
Everyday so lansi
Everyday because of little thing, den wan give memo
Everyday said: i reject, kenot like this kenot like tat

Hope the sample house can finish in within the dateline set, which is 15th Dec 2010

An engineer will solve a piece of problem...
But a great engineer will solve a picture of problem...
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