Time flies...

Today is Sunday
Normal Sunday with special date, 10/10/10
Which happen once in 100 years

What I do on this day?

Plan to sleep as long as possible in this morning
Coz Sunday is the only day which I do not need to work
My phone rang at 10 something
It was a wrong call from a stranger..-.-'''
Forced to wake up since awake already..

Then, whole family went to Teluk Pulai to pray "Jiu Huang Ye"

After that, my mum said she wanted to go grandmother house which located at Bukit Kemuning Batu 8.
Coincidentally, Vimal is organizing his 21st birthday on today and his house is located at Puchong, which is quite near to my grandmother house
So, I followed my mum to grandmother house.

2.30pm reached grandmother house...
oh lat...
the party start at 7pm
Still got long time to go
So, i just sit at living room and watch commonwealth games
Manatau....damm boring
So went outside grandmother shop and help my uncle repair bicycle..
surprisingly, I still know how to repair....
Which I think it already 2 years plus or 3 years I didn't repair bicycle...

Went to Vimal house..
I'm the only non-indian...XD
haha...but 1 malaysia..
So, nothing wrong or strange...
The food is chun and delicious
And I wanted to wish Vimal:
Happy Birthday
All the best in your study and future..=)

This is how I pass my 10/10/10..
A normal day with wonderful thing goes on...=)
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