31 October 2010

Time flies..
200th post for my blog...

Today is last day of the month
Which mean I worked 1 month
And 2 months to go for my industrial training

In this 1 month
I learned a lot
From my project manager
From the site supervisor
And, of course
I have much to learn from them...
2 more months, I must learn as much as I could

Not simple, but not complicated
He make complicated thing look so easy
And he is so influential
the way he talk
the way he act
Is him, who make me realize the importance of experience+knowledge
All of this, is the reason behind my company boss success
Tok kong, top, champion

Where everything went wrong
That the time we went slow
Take a deep breath
Analyze and find out the reason behind

Slow and calm...........

29th October 2010







21st October 2010

Time flies...

Finally got some time to update my status in my blog...=)
Hardly found extra time to update my blog even though I got so much experiences...

I'm having my internship
And my site is at Puchong
But my supervisor, which is also the project manager hardly care me 1
Therefore, usually I follow other site supervisor
Learned many thing from them
But I have much to learn
And I'm far away to be a real engineer

Today happened 1 interesting incident
My company boss came and visit the site
And coincidentally the client manager also came
And that lansi lanyong indian clerk of work (COW) want lansi again
Take the opportunity to critic this and that to my boss
So that he can 'perform' in front of his manager
At the end, my boss scold back him...

He deserved it....
Everyday so lansi
Everyday because of little thing, den wan give memo
Everyday said: i reject, kenot like this kenot like tat

Hope the sample house can finish in within the dateline set, which is 15th Dec 2010

An engineer will solve a piece of problem...
But a great engineer will solve a picture of problem...

12th October 2010

Time flies...

Getting darker and darker
Most probably I got fate with sun
So, the sun always shine on me
No matter what I'm doing

Day by day...
As the day goes on...
Everything become better...

Something funny happened at site...
My project manager asked the worker to increase the spacing better the column for the temporary site office, so that the car can fit in...
The temporary site office is built from wood, so as the column too...
So, the worker took hammer and stand on chair
Start hammering out the nail so that he can take out the column and increase the spacing
Then my project manager said:" boss...boss...u sekarang ketuk keluar itu column, nanti itu bumbung semua pun jatuh lo?!? u patut ambil satu kayu kasi support itu bumbung dulu, baru keluarkan column itu...."
everyone is laughing at the worker...

And the moral of the story is
For every decision we make, think bout every result that possible occur if we make the decision...
We are human, we are not perfect
Listen to other people advise while we are doing our decision...
Sometimes, it will help u to get clearer picture and make better decision...

11th October 2010

Time flies..


This is what my brain contained
Full of question mark
And a lot of unknown which I haven't found suitable answer to answer the unknown

In the conclusion,
Theoretical is different with practical
Talk is different with doing
We may have beautiful and awesome theory and talking
But without carry out or implement the theory and talking
It will always stay in our dream......


Time flies...

Today is Sunday
Normal Sunday with special date, 10/10/10
Which happen once in 100 years

What I do on this day?

Plan to sleep as long as possible in this morning
Coz Sunday is the only day which I do not need to work
My phone rang at 10 something
It was a wrong call from a stranger..-.-'''
Forced to wake up since awake already..

Then, whole family went to Teluk Pulai to pray "Jiu Huang Ye"

After that, my mum said she wanted to go grandmother house which located at Bukit Kemuning Batu 8.
Coincidentally, Vimal is organizing his 21st birthday on today and his house is located at Puchong, which is quite near to my grandmother house
So, I followed my mum to grandmother house.

2.30pm reached grandmother house...
oh lat...
the party start at 7pm
Still got long time to go
So, i just sit at living room and watch commonwealth games
Manatau....damm boring
So went outside grandmother shop and help my uncle repair bicycle..
surprisingly, I still know how to repair....
Which I think it already 2 years plus or 3 years I didn't repair bicycle...

Went to Vimal house..
I'm the only non-indian...XD
haha...but 1 malaysia..
So, nothing wrong or strange...
The food is chun and delicious
And I wanted to wish Vimal:
Happy Birthday
All the best in your study and future..=)

This is how I pass my 10/10/10..
A normal day with wonderful thing goes on...=)

6th October 2010

Time flies...

Finally, today can update my blog...
My blog has been in inactive status for a short period of time...
Well...not because I'm lazy..
Is because I hardly can find time to update my blog...

My internship started on 1st Oct
I was given 2 choices, Puchong or Bukit Raja
I choose Puchong site
Because the site started about 1 and a half month ago only
So, I'm able to see how a double story house build from foundation to top of the roof...=)
The on-going project at Puchong is at Taman Putra Prima, Phase 8b
248 houses consist of double storey and 2 and half storey house will build on the site.

Actually I duno my working days
Whether is from Monday to Friday or to Saturday...XD
So, I work from Monday till Saturday...
And my working hours is from 8am to 5pm.
But because of I work at site
Most of the time also ot

So, basically what I did on site??
I also duno what should a civil engineer do on site
So, i just read the plan and drawing
Walk around the site
See how the worker work
See how the formwork build, how they install the reinforcement bar and etc..
Do leveling
And follow the site engineer check the work done
So far, this is what I did everyday

But sometime I feel kinda boring
Because when the workers are doing their work, I have nothing to do
We only need to check their final work or solve any problem they encounter while working..

One more thing
I'm getting darker and darker...=(
Everyday also exposing myself under freaking hot sun...
Duno need how many months of effort to fair back...-.-''

Hope my 3 months industrial training will be fun, wonderful, interesting
And the experience gained will guide me to know more deeper about this field,