7th Sept 2010

Time flies....

I'm done with my last super assignment of the semester, SCD
A simplified 60 pages SCD assignment....@.@
Which I passed up this morning

All the assignment:

Geeotechnical Assignment
Principle of Electrical Engineering
Fluid Mechanic II Assignment
Electrical Assignment
Structural Concrete Design Assignment


And is time to FaceNotes
Because final exam is 1 week away...

14/9/2010, Tuesday, Structural Concrete Design
18/9/2010, Saturday, Fluid Mechanics II
22/9/2010, Wednesday, P.Malaysia
23/9/2010, Thursday, Principal of Electrical Engineering
24/9/2010, Friday, Electrical Machine
25/9/2010, Saturday, Geotechnical Engineering
28/9/2010, Tuesday, Construction Technology

Best wishes to myself and all my friend who will have exam too:
No shortcut in learning
No procrastinate
No slacking
Doesn't want to say: "Sigh, I should study harder" after come out from examination hall
Don't stress out, relax when the time is right
Don't take your notes, then throw to your friend and say: "How, can teach me ah?"
Because I not sure your friend will take a knife and kill you or not especially under sibeh stress condition

Maybe can end this semester beautifully...
Jia you...
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