28th September 2010

Time flies....

Countdown 30 hours
Then I will start my last paper for this semester
Then I will free from exam
And can get good rest for 2 days
Before my industrial training start

God used 6 days to create this world, and used the last day of a week to rest
Student? Used 7 days continuous to study for exam
In conclusion, student is greater than god? XD

Every guy is guy, Every girl is girl (except shemale)
We have brains
We have different thinking
But We shared same basic needed in their life
Because we are human, every human is human

Is the everything
Influencing our thinking
Determining out thinking

or I shall say

Influencing the world
Determining the world

In short run, the world is unfair
But in long run, the world is fair
Every effort u paid
Is equal to the result u will get
Every decision has it own price
u pay the price of the every decision u make
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