23rd September 2010

Time flies...

14/9/2010, Tuesday, Structural Concrete Design
18/9/2010, Saturday, Fluid Mechanics II
22/9/2010, Wednesday, P.Malaysia
23/9/2010, Thursday, Principle of Electrical Engineering

24/9/2010, Friday, Electrical Machine
25/9/2010, Saturday, Geotechnical Engineering
28/9/2010, Tuesday, Construction Technology

Principle of Electrical Enginnering, DONE!
Again, the paper was twisted
Completely different from past year paper

Why all past year paper for every subject seems easy and straightforward?
But when it reach my batch
The question will twist till every student are stun
Izzit my batch student are smarter, so the lecturer twist the question..>.<
Lucky I was stunned for a while only...(lol)
Hope the lecturer will not put a cross on my answer...

Next paper will be Electrical Machine...
Another electrical subject...-.-'''
The theory is so so so much...
And my electrical basic is NULL!!
Induction motor, EMF, MMF, excitation and bla bla bla...
Walao...apa tu???
Hope 2molo I can do the paper smoothly...

Every human is human
This is what I realize in this early morning
Don't understand what that mean?
It doesn't important,
Because as long as I understood, den can ad...hahaha...:p
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