1st September

Time flies....

Is 1st September!!!
According to my original plan, I shall complete my Structural Concrete Design assignment on yesterday, pass up by today and go back Klang by today or tomorrow

Assignment Progress: 50% only...T.T
Still cracking my cracked head to figure out how the solve another 50%

Non-stop doing assignment
From weekday to weekend
From weekend to weekday
NON-STOP in a month time/ 4 weeks times

My final exam is coming soon:
14/9/2010, Tuesday, Structural Concrete Design
18/9/2010, Saturday, Fluid Mechanics II
22/9/2010, Wednesday, P.Malaysia
23/9/2010, Thursday, Principal of Electrical Engineering
24/9/2010, Friday, Electrical Machine
25/9/2010, Saturday, Geotechnical Engineering
28/9/2010, Tuesday, Construction Technology

Saw my final exam schedule?
I will have my paper in 4 consecutive days......

even though the due date for assignment is next monday
But, for each extra day I took to do my assignment,
I will have lesser day to do my revision

Is not the time to complain
But is the time to be more determine and more enthusiasm
To study well and fight hard against my exams
As I want to end this semester beautifully.

Wish me all the best......
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  1. Lee Choo Says:

    All that I say is..

    Keep Your Spirit On!!!! God Bless =)