14th Sept 2010

Time flies...

14/9/2010, Tuesday, Structural Concrete Design
18/9/2010, Saturday, Fluid Mechanics II
22/9/2010, Wednesday, P.Malaysia
23/9/2010, Thursday, Principal of Electrical Engineering
24/9/2010, Friday, Electrical Machine
25/9/2010, Saturday, Geotechnical Engineering
28/9/2010, Tuesday, Construction Technology

Had my first paper, SCD in the afternoon
When the student was about to go in examination hall
Suddenly, lecturer said: can bring text book go into exam hall

Suddenly become open book exam...
Feel so excited and happy...
Thought I can score ad for this paper...
Managed to finish 3 questions in 2 hours instead of the required 4 questions...
Not only me, almost should said all of the student can't finish 4 questions in the 2 hours..
No wonder that Mr.Pan said: nobody get A for this subject before
For student level, how to finish all 4 questions in 2 hours time la....

Anyhow, really thanks Mr.Pan for his teaching in this semester.
A great and hardworking lecturer
A harsh, but humor and caring lecturer
Who always make student 'sink ship'
And allow the student to bring in text book for final exam

Alright, 1 paper passed
6 more papers to go...
No procrastinate
No slacking
No over stress

When the time I finish all the paper..
Is the time where another semester, Y3S1 end...=)
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