11th Sept 2010

Time flies...

Is another Saturday
Boring Saturday
Facing the notes...
Study 1 hour, lepak 2 hours...

Wanted to play basketball during evening..
Wanted to jio all the hengtais: andrew, ah loy, jason, wai yee, choo yeong, guan wei, yao jun to come out and limteh
Because it has been long time since the last I meet them
Furthermore, Choo yeong and yao jun back from Sarawak and Terengganu respectively
But, sorry guys....
I'm kinda tired and lazy to go out
Especially recently didn't rest well and stress out with my study

3 days away from my first paper
Revision progress: about 30% only...o.0
Anyhow, I still need to try my best
Give my best effort in every subject
Because I believe that the result is the mirror of all the effort paid out

He can do that, She can do that
Maybe I can do that as well, why not....
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