6th August 2010

Time flies...

Today is Friday
Week 10 almost end with 1 day left

Normally I will back Klang on Friday after my class
However, I not going back for this week
This is because Sport Carnival in on this coming Sunday..=)

Again, I take part in basketball event
Very concern bout my fitness...>.<
Hope everything will be fine
Wish me luck and all the best!!

Is almost the end of the semester
As usual, student will always very busy during this period of time
Especially student like me
Procrastinate all the assignmentsss..=p

The following weeks will be mad week for me
Assignmentssssss+ Testss+ Reportss
Sleep at 12am, wake up at 5am
When will this lifestyle stop???
I just so so so tired........

There is a good news for me!!!
My spirits BACK ON!!!
Yes...this is more important than anything
I believe....
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