29th August 2010

Time flies....

Is another Sunday
Wake up early in the morning
To continue my last super assignment

But until now, I still eating snake ^.^
Definitely going to continue it after this post
Maybe I could finish it by this coming Wednesday
so that I can start my revision for final exam

Last year, during this two months, July and August
I still remember that I was very happy because of something
Naive, happy, day dreaming
Is the real momentum behind me
To work hard in my study

And I feel grateful, because the feeling is back on right now
Most probably, that is the only thing which really can ignite my fighting spirit
I should stay naive, happy, day dreaming
Who knows in future, maybe naive, happy, day dreaming will turn out to be the real world in my life

Is time to end this post
And continue my assignment...

2 Responses
  1. jerard_89 Says:

    It will become reality someday! im sure of it.. all the best in ur last assignment and also the coming finals! :D

  2. Thanks Jerard, for the support u showed...=)