27th August 2010

Time flies...

Is 27th of August
Time past really fast..
Is almost the end of this semester

Passed up the last second assignment, Electrical Machine assignment on today
Left the last super assignment, Structural Concrete Design assignment
Which due on next Saturday

Really exhausted
Really tired
But I can't fall yet
Final examination is waiting me

Still finding something
Which can ignite my spirit
To cheong my final exam...


What is that thing?
A promise?
An ambition?
A target?

Is time........
Is time.......
Is time for me to reignite whatever I loss.......

Geeotechnical Assignment-20th August
Principle of Electrical Engineering-20th August
Fluid Mechanic II Assignment-23rd August
Electrical Machine Assignment-27th August

Structural Concrete Design Assignment- 4th Sept 2010

Left last assignment!!!

Time to sleep....
Good nite everybody
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