20th August 2010

Time flies....

What a tired and stressful day....
From yesterday till now, I slept for bout 3 hours only..

2 assignments+1 report

And the most stressful part is,
I need to REDO my assignment on the eve of the assignment due date
Because I did the wrong calculation in designing the retaining wall in my assignment

What make the thing worse is,
I can't get the answer after I corrected my calculation
I tried n-times in doing the calculation
Yet, still cant get the result I wanted.

Is late midnight, and the due date is on the next day
Yet, the most important calculation still can't solve.....
And still got 1 report to pass up on the same day
And 'someone' still keep on call me,msn me, ask me stupid thing

on fire dao...!!!!
pek cek dao....!!!
dulan dao.....!!!!

First time in my university life, I finish the assignment on the due date....
Coz normally I will complete it the day before due date.

lucky another assignment is settle by other groupmate


Geeotechnical Assignment-20th August
Principle of Electrical Engineering-20th August

Fluid Mechanic II Assignment-23rd August
Electrical Assignment-27th August
Structural Concrete Design Assignment- Week 14

3 more assignments to go....
Jia you ba...
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