11th August 2010

Time flies....

Now is 7.35am
Start another day with sleep late and wake up early system
Just to finish up my assignmentssss and do my revision for upcoming test

Yesterday something surprise catch my eyes while I was having my dinner with Garrett and Kethes at Wan Yit
I saw a guy, serving two bowls of porridge next table to my table

What so special bout that guy??
Actually he is Utar student also.
I know him, he know me, but we are not very close
Just that something we will meet in school and greet each other
Then Kethes told me he was helping his father serve porridge to customer

As far as I know, he was top student and excellent in academic
How did he manage his time?
Balancing his study and helping his father
wow, this guy really amaze me and I'm very salute him

I gonna learn from him!!!!!!

Tons of heavy assignmentsss awaiting me in front
Fluid mechanics II test will be held on thursday
I need to increase my brain efficiency and work rate
To cope all the works I'm facing......
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