Mad Week!

Time flies....

Finally I have little time to update my blog..=)

Today is Friday
One more day to go before week 6 end

This week really is a mad week for me

3 reports and 2 assignments
Which I need to complete all of them in within 5 days
Average sleeping & rest hour from Monday to Friday is about 3 hours

After a busy weekdays, is time to face busy weekend
2 cousin brother wedding will be held in next 3 days
Where is my sleeping hours???

Physical and mentally tired and exhausted
And I can feel that my body is so weak right now

I just wan to rest myself..
Yet I couldn't have any extra time for me to rest well....=(

Lecturer ah lecturer,
can all of you give easier question in assignment????
Don't stress the student

Be careful Karma..
Your boss will treat you back...
1 Response
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