19th July 2010

Time flies...

Here comes the week 8

11hours to go
As I'm taking the first test of this semester, PEE
Done with the revision..=)

3 days to go:
PEE report

1 week to go:
EM test
Geotechnical test
PM test
Geotechnical Lab

2 weeks to go
EM lab

3 weeks to go
UTAR sport carnival
Fluid II test

4 weeks to go
2 assignments due date

5 weeks to go
1 assignment due date and EM lab

6 weeks to go
SCD assignment

Something went wrong when my schedule is so pack, yet I still so lepak..XD

Lack of concentration
Lack of determination
Lack of momentum

hmm.....where to find those thing??
maybe can find

time to sleep...good night...
Tomorrow is alway better than today
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