31st July 2010

Time flies....

Today is saturday..=)
Woke up at 6.20am
Because already jio some hengtai go butterfly park play basketball

Again, inconsistent form cause me to angry
Not angry on other people, is angry on myself

Maybe I forced myself to hard
But, I have no other choice, I have to force myself very very hard
Because next week is Utar sport carnival
Hope I will have more consistent form during that day...(*pray hard*)

Wanted to play basketball again during evening
But my tired leg and hand make me feel lazy to do so
Therefore, I choose to rest at home
Should let my body has well rest

Today is the last day of July
Tomorrow will be the start of new month
Everything will goes better and better..=)

28th July 2010

Time flies...

I'm so tired...
I'm so envy when I looking at my housemate who sleep soundly everyday in the morning
While I have to wake up early in the morning, to study or go school...

Yesterday was a stressful day..
Stress from 5.45am until 7.00pm
Because I have 2 tests on the same day..
Geotechnical test on 11.15am and EM test on 6pm..
I woke up at 5.45am to study...
At the end.......
Both test also didn't did well(I think)...

Well, is ok...
Because I studied and gave my best to attempt the papers
So, it wasn't my fault,
Is lecturer, the angel and devil in the school

Third test of the week is on Friday!!
P. Malaysia...
Study bout history..
Should be ok gua......

ok la...
wish myself all the best..=)

22nd July 2010

Time flies...

Here comes the Thursday...
Time never stop moving

Every second, tik tok tik tok 60 times, then it turn to a minute
Every minute, tik tok tik tok 60 times, then it turn to a hour
Every hour, dong dong dong 24 times, then it turn to a day
This cycle will continue non-stop...

Having some really relaxing days in this week especially yesterday..=)
No class, so can sleep till 9 something...
Procrastinated assignment....
Procrastinated test revision....
Relaxing doing my PEE report...
Went to Taman Connaught pasar malam wiMah and his gf, Wei Wei and Wei Wei friend and indirectly with Ah Tin, Tin Sou and Ah Cheng...
Simply whack the food available...

Will having second war in this semester start from next week
I'm wondering whether I can singly handle all the group assignment?
A total of 6 assignments is in front of me....

Is time...
relax my mind
stay calm
increase brain efficiency
gun down every assignment

19th July 2010

Time flies...

Here comes the week 8

11hours to go
As I'm taking the first test of this semester, PEE
Done with the revision..=)

3 days to go:
PEE report

1 week to go:
EM test
Geotechnical test
PM test
Geotechnical Lab

2 weeks to go
EM lab

3 weeks to go
UTAR sport carnival
Fluid II test

4 weeks to go
2 assignments due date

5 weeks to go
1 assignment due date and EM lab

6 weeks to go
SCD assignment

Something went wrong when my schedule is so pack, yet I still so lepak..XD

Lack of concentration
Lack of determination
Lack of momentum

hmm.....where to find those thing??
maybe can find

time to sleep...good night...
Tomorrow is alway better than today

14th July 2010







Mad Week!

Time flies....

Finally I have little time to update my blog..=)

Today is Friday
One more day to go before week 6 end

This week really is a mad week for me

3 reports and 2 assignments
Which I need to complete all of them in within 5 days
Average sleeping & rest hour from Monday to Friday is about 3 hours

After a busy weekdays, is time to face busy weekend
2 cousin brother wedding will be held in next 3 days
Where is my sleeping hours???

Physical and mentally tired and exhausted
And I can feel that my body is so weak right now

I just wan to rest myself..
Yet I couldn't have any extra time for me to rest well....=(

Lecturer ah lecturer,
can all of you give easier question in assignment????
Don't stress the student

Be careful Karma..
Your boss will treat you back...

What If I’m a Russian Spy

What if I'm a Russian Spy?

Obviously, for me
This will be fantastic
Adventure, challenge always awaiting
I just love adventure and challenge

As a Russian Spy, Mother Russia will have every single details about me.
Therefore, Mother Russia will send me to Egypt

Why must be Egypt?
This is because I love history

Mission to Egypt: Intrude and gather all the information about the awesome pyramid

Pyramid is an awesome building built during ancient time.
Pyramid is huge and still stand still until today
Pyramid also equipped with a lot of trap which used to protect the treasurer and the king tomb

Even though many researches have carry out,
But, until this modern age, researcher and scientist haven't discover actually how the pyramid was built during ancient time as it seen like imposible to build such huge and stable building depending on those day technology.

So, I will hack into Egypt government top secret office computer and copy all the secret information about the pyramid which did not reveal to the world.
Next, I will plan my intrusion into pyramid.

I need to prepare well before intrude pyramid:
-wearing multifunction super suit which is invulnerable to any attack including gun and equipped with varies of functions
-a high tech weapon which can protect myself when in danger
-a superlight back pack storing all the necessary tools and food as well as steal those treasurer
-learn to live in pyramid for a certain of period
-mini supercomputer which allow me to store

For each intrusion, I will stay in the pyramid for about 1 week
After that, I will exit the pyramid and transmit all the data collected to Mother Russian
And this cycle will continues until all the data collected.

With all the information gathered, Russian will be the first person in the world to discover how actually the pyramid was built.
And we can build pyramid in Mother Russia..=)

It will be fun, challenging and fantastic if I'm a Russian Spy...=)

Coming Soon

- Movie:Salt

- Date Release: 29th July 2010

- Starring: Angeline Jolie

- Synopsis: Before becoming a CIA officer, Evelyn Salt (Jolie) swore an oath to duty, honor, and country. She will prove loyal to these when a defector accuses her of being a Russian sleeper spy. Salt goes on the run, using all her skills and years of experience as a covert operative to elude capture, protect her husband, and stay one step ahead of her colleagues at the CIA.

Busy and Tired

Time flies.....

Time past really fast,
today is second day of July already
My works didn't show the sign of slowing down or decreasing

Actually how busy am I?
Let see:

3 reports and 2 assignments
All due in next week

Packed timetable

Meeting, blogging, sport

All of this drive me busy and tired

Let me rest
Let me breath
Let me sleep longer


ok, time to start my report ad
Nothing is I can't do

Work fast and efficient
Manage the time wisely

Else, I will do chicken for this semester ad