My first 3D Movie

Thank to Nuffnang..=)

I watched my first ever 3D movie, Toy Story 3 premiere screening with Wai Yee at Mid Valley.

The ticket and Nuffnang badge

One word: CHooN!!
The 3D effect is superb and awesome
The story line also not bad
Below are some of the views in Toy Story 3

The toys are on the way to Sunnyside

The toys reach Sunnyside

Lots-O' bring the toys visit around Sunnyside

Toy Story 3 shirt which I got from Nuffnang staff after the movie..

Haven't and not dare to wear it....

Because ho....


Because a 21 years old guy is wearing a Toy Story 3 shirt look a bit weird and childish ?!?
Don't you agree with me ???

Toy Story 3 will be release in Malaysia on 17th June 2010
Don't miss it~~
4 Responses
  1. --andy-- Says:

    maybe after you wear, everybody also start ToyStory 3 Mania. At least, Nuff did not give u Ken's costume haha

  2. HenRy LeE ® Says:

    lol... then u better send it to me la... cause i dont mind wearing it! haha

  3. ->andy: LOL...Ken costume...I definitely wont wear it..XD

    ->Henry: haha...u wear yours ad??

  4. greenteacarm Says:

    Lucky la u :((((( i want a shirt also cannot T____T hmph. it's soo dam cute weih :( if u'r selling it pls tell me LOL i am desprate for it :(