Figaro Grand Opening

First of all, congratulation to my cousin brother, Teck Yong aka 'ang kun zai'(his nickname). This is because he has taken a step into a new chapter in his career by opening School of Perfoming Arts, Figaro.

Yesterday was the grand opening of Figaro. And the opening was really grand because of the attendance of Miss World Malaysia 08/09, Miss Soo Wincci. As usual, cutting ribbon is a activity which can't escape from any opening event.

(From left to right)
My Uncle, My Aunty, Miss Soo Wincci, Teck Yeong, My Ah Ma, My Ah Kong

Wondering what are they (except my uncle and ah kong) looking after cutting the ribbon? Actually, they looking at me. Yup, they looking at me because I handsome, :p was lightening the fire cracker.

The board (I dono call wat board) and the flower which are those common thing we can see during the opening event.

Another thing which can't escape from the opening event is the refreshment. The food served are so delicious until many people want the name card of the buffet company.

Figaro consist of 4 rooms and a dance room.

Haha... this fatty is 'ang kun di' aka Teck Keng. Teck Yeong is 'ang kun zai', so 'ang kun di' is 'ang kun zai' brother lo.... Sitting on the red sofa right beside the reception and smile till so 'happy' XD

A colouring contest was held too on yesterday opening. I want to take part the contest also, but lah ho...I donwan bully the small kids, give chance to my two cute little cousin sister, donwan to fight the prize with the small kid. But the prizes are very attracting 1leh....T.T

This is the prize for the colouring contest:
First Prize: 20" TKB bicycle + Soo Wincci EP with her signature on it
Second Prize: Bookshelf + Soo Wincci EP with her signature on it
Third Prize: Soo Wincci EP with her signature on it

The Miss World Malaysia 08/09, Miss Soo Wincci is signing her limited edition EP. This limited edition EP is different with the EP offered as colouring contest prize. This limited EP is unvailable in the market whereas the EP offered as the colouring contest prize are available in the market.

This is Miss Soo Wincci EP which is available in the market. It has sold over 5000 copies in Malaysia. Congratz her...

This is the Miss Soo Wincci limited edition EP with her signature on it. Limited Edition+Limited Edition.

The difference between the EP and limited edition EP is .....
I also duno...

Have the opportunity to take a photo with Miss World Malaysia 08/09 after her performance in the dance room.

Figaro, School of Performing Art
Offers a variety of courses in music and dance,
Offer performing in your event
Offer music/ production recording course.

If you are interest, please do not hesitate to contact my cousin
Mr.Ng: 012-3972688

*Click the brochure to know more about Figaro*

Lastly, all the best to Teck Yeong..=)
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