30th June 2010

Time flies...

I have so many thing to post in my blog, yet my blog remain unchanged for a week
This is because I lazy don have time to blog at all....
Seriously, the time available is just not enough for me to complete all the work in my hand

I skipped this year world cup matches except England match and some of Argentina match
but England performance just disappoint me again and again
Maybe this is good for me as I will have more time from the day England knockout from 2010 World Cup onward..XD

This week is week 5 of my Y3S1
And I'm feeling the pressure of 7 subjects

Maybe should follow Mr.Pan way:
less dating, less movie, less world cup, sleep at 12am, wake up at 6am, more on study

no pain no gain
When u gain something, u lose something else
This is life law...

Hope I'm able to finish everything on time...
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