22nd May 2010

Time flies...
My blog has been in hibernate mode for quite a period of time
Is time for me to update it..
Thanks to all my blog follower who still stay with my blog

Today is saturday
a week plus after the end of my Y2S2 final exam
This semester I have two week of semester break

The first week of the semester break was awesome plus little bit of tired
I went to 3 places: Ipoh -> Pangkor -> Cameron Highland together with Joel, Ah Tin, Fai lin and Ah Cheng (Ah Cheng went to Ipoh only) =)
The trip was awesome and full of fun
I will upload the photo once I get it from them

Thank to Joel for bring us visit around Ipoh area
Thank to Joel family and sorry for any inconvenience caused
Thank to the aunty for lending us her car and let us visit around Pangkor area
Thank to Ah Tin, driver of the trip

1 week before my Year 3 start
Time for me to rest well and get prepare for my future
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  1. DeCloud Says:

    good luck for your new sem!