11th May 2010

Time flies....

Today is tuesday
Just wake up from a short nap
I am too tired
Yesterday slept for 3 hours only because of preparing ESE
Mentally and physically tired
But still got 2 papers to go in within next 3 days

This semester target: dean list ...=(
Because can't do well in EA and ESE exam...=(

Left Sturctural Analysis 2 and Civil Construction Material
really no mood to study for better grade...-.-''

I know I going to do badly in this semester....=(
Maybe this will be motivation for me to do well in the following semester..=)

Exam ah exam....
I want to finish you as soon as possible
I want to rest myself, my mental and my physical
I am very tired...

Study study...
3 Responses
  1. goingkookies Says:

    dun give up!!

    u can do it... try to hang around the nerds.. hehe..

    gambatte ya!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    good luck in your exams.. I'm having mine too.. lol..

  3. Wen Pink Says:

    Good luck!! U will get to Dean's list!! :)