I wanna watch Toy Story 3

The Toys are back in the town!!!
They are back in action
And I wanna watch them

A lot of new characters are introduces in Toy Story 3:
Chunk, Ken, Lotso-O'-Huggin' Bear, Peas-In-A-Pod, Chatter Telephone, Stretch,
Trixie, Twitch, Big Baby, Bookworm, Dolly, Mr.Pricklepants

AND my favourite new toy:


Sparks is an electronic robot with a COOL design
It gave me unlimited imagination about it

Because robot always equip with unlimited tools, functions or abilities
which will become Hero of the Day


Sparks do not have any tools, functions or abilities
It is a robot with funny and silly act, which make the audience laugh and smile..=)

Can't wait to see Sparks action in Toy Story 3
I'm coming
Toy Story 3 and Sparks

28th May 2010

Time flies....
My semester break ending soon
Which left about 2 and a half days

My final exam result has released on yesterday
How was my result???
I will said my result gave me a little bit of surprise
1 C and the rest are B's

I thought I will did badly in the final exam
Because is last minute preparation
Furthermore, I have no time to recheck all the answer I wrote during exam time

Tapi ho...
Lucky my result still at the acceptable level
I'm satisfied with the result....

Tapi ho....
I'm not satisfied with myself...

I admit
I'm slack in this semester
I'm lazy in this semester
I'm not hardworking in this semester

All this is past already...
I must improve myself in the following new semester...
Which will begin in next two days...
Push up my CGPA

22nd May 2010

Time flies...
My blog has been in hibernate mode for quite a period of time
Is time for me to update it..
Thanks to all my blog follower who still stay with my blog

Today is saturday
a week plus after the end of my Y2S2 final exam
This semester I have two week of semester break

The first week of the semester break was awesome plus little bit of tired
I went to 3 places: Ipoh -> Pangkor -> Cameron Highland together with Joel, Ah Tin, Fai lin and Ah Cheng (Ah Cheng went to Ipoh only) =)
The trip was awesome and full of fun
I will upload the photo once I get it from them

Thank to Joel for bring us visit around Ipoh area
Thank to Joel family and sorry for any inconvenience caused
Thank to the aunty for lending us her car and let us visit around Pangkor area
Thank to Ah Tin, driver of the trip

1 week before my Year 3 start
Time for me to rest well and get prepare for my future

11th May 2010

Time flies....

Today is tuesday
Just wake up from a short nap
I am too tired
Yesterday slept for 3 hours only because of preparing ESE
Mentally and physically tired
But still got 2 papers to go in within next 3 days

This semester target: dean list ...=(
Because can't do well in EA and ESE exam...=(

Left Sturctural Analysis 2 and Civil Construction Material
really no mood to study for better grade...-.-''

I know I going to do badly in this semester....=(
Maybe this will be motivation for me to do well in the following semester..=)

Exam ah exam....
I want to finish you as soon as possible
I want to rest myself, my mental and my physical
I am very tired...

Study study...

Day Before Engineering Analysis Exam

A day before Engineering Analysis Exam
still preparing for it

Actually the subject is not that hard
just that the working step for each question is freaking

and long..

Hopefully 2molo the time will be sufficient for me to finish 4 out of 5 question
Maybe can get 'A' for this subject

All the best for my friends who taking this exam
We Donwan see u next semester!!

4th May 2010

Time pass...
5th month of the year

I having exam season
which started from 3rd May to 14th May
1 down, 4 to go

I got a feeling
Strong feeling
that I will not done well in this semester exam...=(
Hopefully the feeling is false 1
Maybe can done well
Gambateh to myself!!!
Gambateh to all my friend

To all the blogger who visited my blog
I am busy preparing my exam
I am so sorry that I don have extra time to visit back your blog
But I will visit back after my exam
So...please continue follow my blog.....thanks ya...