My 21st

5th April
Is the day
Which I turn into 21

I had my 21st birthday celebration

It was organized by my friends/heng tai on 3rd April
This celebration not only celebrate my birthday, but also celebrate another 3 sao sing kong in April:
-4th April: mimi aka Jason Loke
-5th April: Me, Ooi Yuan
-7th April: lizard aka Kok Beng
-14th April: Sau Sau aka Hsien Waey

We had steamboat buffet at 好旺角火鍋自助餐/Lucky Hotpot Buffet Steamboat (
The shop is located at Bukit Tinggi, right behind Giant Hypermarket.
Thank friends/heng tai for the celebration...

Teppanyaki Hotplate Steamboat

The Birthday Cake

Sau Sing Kongssss
(from left: Me, Mimi, Lizard, Sau Sau).
So coincident, the shirt colour we wore is green, black, green, black

Blowing the birthday cake

Together we cut...the cake

4th April: Mimi aka Jason

5th April: Me, Ooi Yuan

7th April: Lizard aka Kok Beng

14th April: Sau Sau aka Hsien Waey

Onward family members
(from left: mimi, white puppy aka Che How, god car aka Malaysia Guan Wei, Sau Sau)

Friendship Forever...
(from left: mimi, white puppy, Sau Sau)

Friendship Forever...(from left: Yao Wei, me, Sau Sau)

Couple of the night...(Sau Sau & Lam Lam)

Friendship Forever...
(Sitting Down (from left): Yao wei, Lizard)
(Standing (from left): Chio Putt aka Wai Yee, Me, Mimi, White Puppy, Sau Sau)

Happy Onward Family!!!

4 Responses
  1. mICHaeL Says:

    hey, u're same birthdate as mine ! hahaz... april 5th. ching ming festival. =.=

  2. Nikel Khor Says:

    so cool..hang with gang

  3. Xjion89 Says:

    happy belated birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    already added ur link^^
    keep in touch ooooo~~~

  4. Michael-> what a coincidence, happy belated birthday wish to u..

    Nikel& Xjion-> Thanks..