18th April 2010

Today is 18th April
15 days away from my first exam
which my first paper will be held on 3rd May

Still got time for my preparation
But will it be enough?
Duno yet
Hope it is more than enough

Yesterday didn't touch my note at all...=(
This is definitely no good
I should be more determine

To: Ooi Yuan

Go study,
Prepare well for the final
Manage your time wisely
Don't waste a second anymore
Don't procrastinate anymore
Fully utilize your time
Increase your brain efficiency
Always remember the lesson from Y1S2
Your target of this semester: maintain your result, improve your result,
I know Maybe U can do it


Yea..maybe I can
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  1. Mak Su Says:

    Hi, tq for stopping by :)

    ada exam ya.... ?

    wish you luck :)