14th April 2010

Today is wednesday
This morning I took my last test for this semester, Structural Analysis II
Did very well on that test..

And finally...
After 13 weeks
All My tests and my assignments were done!!

Can start my preparation for final ad
which will be start 2 weeks from now

Suddenly so confident on myself
Maybe can maintain my result
Maybe can even obtain better result

Hardworking will pay back good/excellent result!!
11 Responses
  1. Wai Keong Says:

    Best of luck to you. Do well in future yea :)


  2. Jinx Joey Says:

    This post made me think about my assignments which i havent done yet..
    OH NO!! T.T

  3. ieQa sWetLuv Says:

    good luck for your exam k..chaiyok2!! =)

  4. ~Live Life~ Says:

    Gambatte, fren! Where are u studying? What course?

  5. elynn-p :] Says:

    all the best in ur future undertakings~~

  6. Thank everyone for your wishes...

    -->Live Life: I studying at Utar, Setapak, taking Civil Eng.

  7. KwOnG FeI Says:

    good luck..
    i will be having exam too in a week time

  8. ~Live Life~ Says:

    Oh, UTAR Civil eng..Nice knowing u...which year are you in now?

  9. Kwong Fei: thanks..all the best to you too

    Live Life: Year 2 already. Next semester will be in Year 3

  10. Xjion89 Says:

    jia you!!!
    all the best in ur final^^~~~