19 March 2010

This week is week 9 of my Y2S2 Civil Eng.
I have been very busy for my test revision, assignment

I Finished my moral test on tuesday
and Environmental Science and Engineering test today
How was both test?
Still ok with my moral test
But stuck with my Environmental Science and Engineering test
Because never study?
Nope.. I study hard, but not very very hard
But the test question was just -.-"
Forget about the test, as it just a test..
A test which I would like to fail it
So that I will be motivate by the fail and start prepare for the final

something which also motivate me to study:

Is a Dean List certificate..
With my name written on it..=)
Start from last semester, student who enter Dean List or President List will receive a certificate..
I collected it from Faculty General Office today
Proud of it...
Wondering this semester can I get it again?
Maybe can..