4th Jan 2010

Is 4th Jan 2010, is school re-open date
I plan to have a surprise trip
hehe...location of the trip?

My alma mater, SMK La Salle...
Which I graduated in year 2006

I miss my school
I miss all the teacher
I miss the canteen food
I miss the class room
I miss counselling room

I plan to wear like a secondary school student
And go back to school
And sit at the middle of the assembly, the place which reserved for problematic student..
And I can't wait to see the reaction of those teacher who knew me..

But the plan never carry out..
Because no people want to accompany me..

But I think I will find one day and go back to school
visit the teachers before I back to my uni..
5 Responses
  1. ~Live Life~ Says:

    That sounds pretty fun! Yea..if can have a bunch of buddies do that together would be poignant! but...so big liao...sure recognize de lo..=P

  2. Mabel Low Says:

    Ahahaha... great plan man. It'll be a greater story if you did so . XD

  3. aimanjafre Says:

    haha what a cute plan u have.

    its normal right.
    when we are in school.. we wish to finish it off
    but the moment we step out of our school hood, those were the only memory we want to repeat all over again.

    hi. just drop by.
    are u malaysian?

  4. Su aka YSW Says:

    hahaha special chocolate! I went to the Chocolate fairs too but really nothing special there! If you are looking to get your gf nice and affordable chocolate, you can try Royce. They are selling in Lot 10 and KLCC Isetan! Guarantee your girl will like the Royce Dark Chocolate!


  5. --> Live Life, Mabel Low: yup..is a great plan...

    --> aimanjafre: totally agree with u.... I am a malaysia..

    --> Su aka YSW: Ya...the fair was small and sell ordinary choc only.... And thank you for your recommendation...