27th Jan 2010

week 2 of my Year 2 Semester 2..
All the test, assignment, report keep on come
But the academic period for the semester remain constant, 14 weeks
But the actual week is 13 weeks only as one of the week has been reserve for Chinese New Year celebration..

Just finish list out the assignment and report due date and date of exam
And 1 thing come across my mind: do I have the time to finish all of the in time?

If I just aim for a pass, then I can close 1 eye and simply do and study, then maybe can pass already...
But obviously this is not what I want..
Because if I know I can do it, why should I simply do it only? Maybe I should give my best try and get another excellent result, just like what I had did in previous semester.
So, no procrastination, put more effort and hard work during weekday..
As my weekend already reserved for my bao bei lao po...

This semester I registered 5 subject:
Pendidikan Moral, Stuctural Analysis 2, Environmental Science and Engineering, Engineering Analysis and Civil Construction

All of the subjects do not relate to each other..But they do share a same similarity:
I attend the class, then lecturer will sitting on the chair/ standing,
Then they will bla bla bla bla for the whole lecture class, and their finger is on the keyboard, pressing the 'down' button only...
Class finish. Go out from the lecture hall with zero knowledge because my brain absorb nothing...

All the lecturer kenot pakai 1...
Therefore, I think this semester maybe I need to depend on myself...

First time Blood Donation

Is new semester.
normally Pusat Darah Negara will send people to uni and do blood donation campaign during new semester.

I wanted to donate blood since long time ago, but nobody want to accompany me
Scare? not because of scare.. is because I donwan go there alone...
And yesterday Vimal asked me want to go donate onot,
then I told him no problem.

After 12.40pm went to DSA and register myself as blood donor
And today only know my blood is O type..haha...

First time donate blood...
Donated triple bag (450ml) of blood in just around 10 minutes..
Lucky never feel dizzy or want to faint
Vimal fainted for few second....


Semester break was over
Back to Uni life

First day of Y2S2
only have 1 class, Civil Construction Material, from 8 to 10am only
That subject is teach by my academic advisor, Dr. Lim
I think this subject should not be a problem
Because Dr.Lim said that this subject is nothing but memorising only...
Hope Dr.Lim can teach the subject well..

A new semester, of course must set some hope
Maybe this semester will be another great semester
Maybe I can did better than last semester,
Maybe want to break into President List..
Maybe can achieve if I study harder than last semester


An advise to LLM

Failure..is it a scary thing?
If failure is a scary thing, then success should be more scary than failure
Because for the sake of success, human wanted to face failure.

Stop guessing
Be confident


Hengtai-Hengtai sure support you 1

8th Jan 2010

Finally I went back to my alma mater, SMK LA SALLE Klang

New paint for the school
The teacher changes alot, half of the teacher is unknown
AND!!!!! School installed a TV together with ASTRO in the canteen!!!!
Why don't the school install it when I was still in the school ?!?

I meet with the teachers
Most of them also said: I remember you, but I forgot your name ad...
Just left a few teacher who very close to me still remember my name such as Puan Lim, Puan Lim, Encik Suhaimi
But what surprised me was Puan Tilaga, because she still remember my surname after 3 years I graduated from school...

After that I and ah loy went to Malaysia first ever chocolate fair in Mid-Valley..
I thought the fair will be very big, got variety of choices
And I can get some special chocolate at the fair
Because I promised her wanted to give her special chocolate
The fair is so small, the choices was little only
And Can't find any SPECIAL CHOCOLATE...

Siao liao lah
Because few hours ago she failed her undang test
And if I break the promise
Then duno what will happen..
Somemore I need to eat the chocolate myself if the chocolate is not special..

So, at the end..
ordinary choc + creativity + innovative = special ( I think so )
I used chocolate bar to build a building, first building I build since study Civil Eng..
Packed 2 packets of chocolate and put in the building
Then used blue colour shining wrapper and wrap the building using candy style wrap..
Finally put a bear lying on top of the 'candy'...
Lucky I nonit to eat the chocolate myself...

The orange colour in the wrapper is the building, but I din capture a photo of it due to time problem .... Duno she got take onot, if got den I share it at here..

4th Jan 2010

Is 4th Jan 2010, is school re-open date
I plan to have a surprise trip
hehe...location of the trip?

My alma mater, SMK La Salle...
Which I graduated in year 2006

I miss my school
I miss all the teacher
I miss the canteen food
I miss the class room
I miss counselling room

I plan to wear like a secondary school student
And go back to school
And sit at the middle of the assembly, the place which reserved for problematic student..
And I can't wait to see the reaction of those teacher who knew me..

But the plan never carry out..
Because no people want to accompany me..

But I think I will find one day and go back to school
visit the teachers before I back to my uni..