The end of my internship

Time flies...

31st December 2010, 5.15pm
I officially end my internship, after shake hand with my project manager, Mr. Chong

Mix feeling right now...
Feel so happy because my internship end ad,
but at the same time feel so reluctant, because I no longer working at the site

Taman Putra Prima, phase 8B
A site with alot of great team
Barbender, carpenter, masonry, kongsi kong...
I will miss u all

Chong Y.S, Kua H.B, Hatta, Fitri, Chong C.K, Lim E.G, Afzal
Thanks u all
For take care me during this 3 months
For patiently taught me alot of thing during this 3 months
Sorry for any trouble caused by me...

And not forgotten, Kwo H.S
who helped me during my first day
Asked me go inside office and sit while waiting the person in-charge
Bring me newspaper while waiting the person in-charge
Switch on the air-cond while waiting the person in-charge
Bring me meet the person in-charge
And I thought he is 'small soldier' in the office
Manatau... he bring me to his personal office labelled: Senior Project Manyzer after I met the person in-charge...
wow...haha....really surprise
He really nice...
totally no lansi lanyong like tat

Wish the project will go smoothly
And can finish it before contract end
All the best to u guy and myself too...

26th December 2010

Time flies...

A belated Merry Christmas wish from me...

6 days to go....
my internship will go to the end...
After that I will have about 2 weeks plus break
And I will back to Uni life....
No more under hot sun
No more walking around
3 months...
a long and short period...
a interesting and boring period...
And rumour said that my project manager going to treat me eat abalone....
true? false? Will know the answer by last day, 31st Dec

6 days to go...
2010 will end
2011 will come
Everything will be the same?
Everything will be the different?
Everything will be better?
Everything will be worse?

For every action taken and thing done, it will result in our life....
Find out why for every changes instead of blaming the whole world....
Peak and low, is a must in life
No matter how,
tomorrow is better than today and today is better than yesterday

19th December 2010

Time flies....

11 days to go for my internship
After 11 days, I going to leave my company, Kitacon Sdn. Bhd.
After 11 days, I going to leave my site, Taman Putra Prima, phase 8B

After graduate, will I enter Kitacon again?
I'm sure this is the question they will ask me in next 11 days
My answer??
Most probably I will answer: not sure...I can't plan right now because I still got 1 and a half year to go before I could graduate....

The sample house
Which shall be done by 15th Dec 2010
I can't see the complete house.....

A person, who always think himself/herself is smart, is an idiot
A person, who knew himself/herself weakness, but refuse to change, is an idiot
A person, who think that his/her weakness very awesome, is an idiot
A person, who always blame this and that, but never blame himself/herself, is an idiot

You may said I'm wrong
You may said I'm stupid
But I can tell you
Whether I'm wrong or stupid
Is not determine by your mouth or word
Is determine by myself

12th December 2010

Time flies...

Is the end of Sunday
Is the end of my 4 days holidays
Tomorrow I will back to my internship
Which left bout 18 days

4 days......
Time just past like that
and it pass really fast

Still remember clearly 4 days back
I went to Genting Highland with my brothers: lek mon, andrew, wai yee and choo yeong
Haha....when we are together, especially alcoholic gun king, andrew chua
We sure laugh till beh sua beh go....because his pattern always more badminton

We plan to go there, have a small gathering among brothers and relax ourself only
Who know......
We end up most of our time in casino
But we weren't crazy in gambling
We just went in and see people gambling
And coincidentally Genting having new genting card membership promotion
Newly sign up is entitle a RM20 credit
5 of us sign up and used the credit to play slot machine
manage to win RM10+RM20=RM30

A simple 2D1N trip
But is full of fun and memorable memories...

Hope we can have more trip
No matter where we go
As long as we are together
We confirm happy together
We confirm laugh together
We confirm siao together

Below is the pictures, which compiled by me into a video....

4th December 2010

Time flies...

Is December!!
Is last month of the year
Is last month for my internship

From very busy to very free at site for the past 2-3 weeks
The site work progress is so slow
All sub-con workers, project manager and all the site supervisor have nothing to do
All of this happened is due to the clerk of work

Even thought I'm quite new to the construction industry
But I also can see that the clerk of work are playing a fool with us
The main purpose is waiting us to belanja them duit kopi
Ask them to inspect our work
Then they will said later la...
They work ot, but they claim the ot money from my company instead of their own company
This is something which I feel so strange
Now, the housing project is far behind schedule

I duno is my project manager too naive or I'm still fresh in this industry
He alway said: If we treat them nicely, they will treat us nicely too
But does he think bout there are somebody who will pijak till our head if we treat them too nice?
With salary of around 2k per month, he can drive mercedes, wear rolex, wear branded apparels
Can see that how big is his kopi cup

If I were the project manager, I will refuse to approve and sign their ot
Ask all the sub con stop giving them ang pow each month
I'm sure they will change after 2-3 months

17th November 2010

Time flies...

Today is Hari Raya Haji
Nonit go site..=)

Went to Bukit Tinggi Jusco to watch Harry Potter 7 with Andrew, Dickshen and Wai Yee

Muslim korban lembu on this day
But I korban-ed my wallet on this day
RM14 for a ticket..
walaoeh...stunned...sibeh expensive...
Yet, the cinema still full
The movie too nice or the price too cheap??

The movie quite nice, but need to wait till part 2, only can see the ending
Which coming out in next year

Lek Mon and Choo Yeong coming back
They will reach Klang on next thursday...
Miss my brother so much....

Happy Public Holiday to everyone!!

River Flows In You

River flows in you.....
I just love this song so so much....
A piano piece from pianist, Yiruma

The piece is so smooth and relaxing
And the pitch of the piece
Just like our life

Sometime slow...
Sometime fast...
Sometime high...
Sometime low...
No matter what
Our life still going on

Yesterday attended parent friend son wedding buffet dinner
And as usual....
Those adult will start chit chat while or after eat
And I remembered part of the conversation
Which they talking and kidding bout me...

whatever they talking about me already crossed my mind in few months or few years back...
Just that I didn't express out to my parent

The moral of the story of successful person:
They dare to dream
They dare to set their dream as their target
They dare to workout in every and any way, just to achieve their target
They turned their dream into reality
And they success.......

14th November 2010

Time flies....
This is my first post of the month

Today is 14th November...
Time is moving on
No matter what happen
We always think that time is moving slow
But when we review back, we will realize that time is actually moving very fast

From my last semester last paper until today
One and a half month past
And my internship,
One and a half month to go

During this one and a half month
I worked very hard
And I learned a lot
And I understand a lot

But, at the same time I confused about what am I doing right now
My life is so repetitive in this one and a half month
Until I felt quite boring
Maybe the reason behind is I just limited to one particular housing project only
And I didn't have any chance to visit other site

Anyhow, I believe that I made a right choice
One and a half month to go
Once again, time past really fast
Go Go Go...

31 October 2010

Time flies..
200th post for my blog...

Today is last day of the month
Which mean I worked 1 month
And 2 months to go for my industrial training

In this 1 month
I learned a lot
From my project manager
From the site supervisor
And, of course
I have much to learn from them...
2 more months, I must learn as much as I could

Not simple, but not complicated
He make complicated thing look so easy
And he is so influential
the way he talk
the way he act
Is him, who make me realize the importance of experience+knowledge
All of this, is the reason behind my company boss success
Tok kong, top, champion

Where everything went wrong
That the time we went slow
Take a deep breath
Analyze and find out the reason behind

Slow and calm...........

29th October 2010







21st October 2010

Time flies...

Finally got some time to update my status in my blog...=)
Hardly found extra time to update my blog even though I got so much experiences...

I'm having my internship
And my site is at Puchong
But my supervisor, which is also the project manager hardly care me 1
Therefore, usually I follow other site supervisor
Learned many thing from them
But I have much to learn
And I'm far away to be a real engineer

Today happened 1 interesting incident
My company boss came and visit the site
And coincidentally the client manager also came
And that lansi lanyong indian clerk of work (COW) want lansi again
Take the opportunity to critic this and that to my boss
So that he can 'perform' in front of his manager
At the end, my boss scold back him...

He deserved it....
Everyday so lansi
Everyday because of little thing, den wan give memo
Everyday said: i reject, kenot like this kenot like tat

Hope the sample house can finish in within the dateline set, which is 15th Dec 2010

An engineer will solve a piece of problem...
But a great engineer will solve a picture of problem...

12th October 2010

Time flies...

Getting darker and darker
Most probably I got fate with sun
So, the sun always shine on me
No matter what I'm doing

Day by day...
As the day goes on...
Everything become better...

Something funny happened at site...
My project manager asked the worker to increase the spacing better the column for the temporary site office, so that the car can fit in...
The temporary site office is built from wood, so as the column too...
So, the worker took hammer and stand on chair
Start hammering out the nail so that he can take out the column and increase the spacing
Then my project manager said:" boss...boss...u sekarang ketuk keluar itu column, nanti itu bumbung semua pun jatuh lo?!? u patut ambil satu kayu kasi support itu bumbung dulu, baru keluarkan column itu...."
everyone is laughing at the worker...

And the moral of the story is
For every decision we make, think bout every result that possible occur if we make the decision...
We are human, we are not perfect
Listen to other people advise while we are doing our decision...
Sometimes, it will help u to get clearer picture and make better decision...

11th October 2010

Time flies..


This is what my brain contained
Full of question mark
And a lot of unknown which I haven't found suitable answer to answer the unknown

In the conclusion,
Theoretical is different with practical
Talk is different with doing
We may have beautiful and awesome theory and talking
But without carry out or implement the theory and talking
It will always stay in our dream......


Time flies...

Today is Sunday
Normal Sunday with special date, 10/10/10
Which happen once in 100 years

What I do on this day?

Plan to sleep as long as possible in this morning
Coz Sunday is the only day which I do not need to work
My phone rang at 10 something
It was a wrong call from a stranger..-.-'''
Forced to wake up since awake already..

Then, whole family went to Teluk Pulai to pray "Jiu Huang Ye"

After that, my mum said she wanted to go grandmother house which located at Bukit Kemuning Batu 8.
Coincidentally, Vimal is organizing his 21st birthday on today and his house is located at Puchong, which is quite near to my grandmother house
So, I followed my mum to grandmother house.

2.30pm reached grandmother house...
oh lat...
the party start at 7pm
Still got long time to go
So, i just sit at living room and watch commonwealth games
Manatau....damm boring
So went outside grandmother shop and help my uncle repair bicycle..
surprisingly, I still know how to repair....
Which I think it already 2 years plus or 3 years I didn't repair bicycle...

Went to Vimal house..
I'm the only non-indian...XD
haha...but 1 malaysia..
So, nothing wrong or strange...
The food is chun and delicious
And I wanted to wish Vimal:
Happy Birthday
All the best in your study and future..=)

This is how I pass my 10/10/10..
A normal day with wonderful thing goes on...=)

6th October 2010

Time flies...

Finally, today can update my blog...
My blog has been in inactive status for a short period of time...
Well...not because I'm lazy..
Is because I hardly can find time to update my blog...

My internship started on 1st Oct
I was given 2 choices, Puchong or Bukit Raja
I choose Puchong site
Because the site started about 1 and a half month ago only
So, I'm able to see how a double story house build from foundation to top of the roof...=)
The on-going project at Puchong is at Taman Putra Prima, Phase 8b
248 houses consist of double storey and 2 and half storey house will build on the site.

Actually I duno my working days
Whether is from Monday to Friday or to Saturday...XD
So, I work from Monday till Saturday...
And my working hours is from 8am to 5pm.
But because of I work at site
Most of the time also ot

So, basically what I did on site??
I also duno what should a civil engineer do on site
So, i just read the plan and drawing
Walk around the site
See how the worker work
See how the formwork build, how they install the reinforcement bar and etc..
Do leveling
And follow the site engineer check the work done
So far, this is what I did everyday

But sometime I feel kinda boring
Because when the workers are doing their work, I have nothing to do
We only need to check their final work or solve any problem they encounter while working..

One more thing
I'm getting darker and darker...=(
Everyday also exposing myself under freaking hot sun...
Duno need how many months of effort to fair back...-.-''

Hope my 3 months industrial training will be fun, wonderful, interesting
And the experience gained will guide me to know more deeper about this field,

End of Y3S1

Time flies...

The long waited day arrived

14/9/2010, Tuesday, Structural Concrete Design
18/9/2010, Saturday, Fluid Mechanics II
22/9/2010, Wednesday, P.Malaysia
23/9/2010, Thursday, Principle of Electrical Engineering
24/9/2010, Friday, Electrical Machine
25/9/2010, Saturday, Geotechnical Engineering
28/9/2010, Tuesday, Construction Technology

Had my last paper on today
And today paper is the only paper in this semester
Which I'm very confident with the answer I wrote
After the paper, my Y3S1 is officially end...

Another semester passed...
time just non-stop forwarding..
Left about 3-4 semesters to go
Before I could finish and get my degree

Had another great semester

With all of the CI May 2008 batch student
Attend the same class
Laugh in the same class

With all of my assignment group mate
Last minutes work
Cartoon work assignment

All of this just cant explain by any word
And all of this will be in my memory forever...=)

Exam is over
Semester break started
But it will last for 2 days only
Because I will having my industrial training start from 1st Oct

Hope the site where I has been allocated is wonderful site
Which allow me to learn as much as I can during the 3 months period

To all my friend
Wish u all all the best for your internship
See u next semester
Which is 3 months plus later...

28th September 2010

Time flies....

Countdown 30 hours
Then I will start my last paper for this semester
Then I will free from exam
And can get good rest for 2 days
Before my industrial training start

God used 6 days to create this world, and used the last day of a week to rest
Student? Used 7 days continuous to study for exam
In conclusion, student is greater than god? XD

Every guy is guy, Every girl is girl (except shemale)
We have brains
We have different thinking
But We shared same basic needed in their life
Because we are human, every human is human

Is the everything
Influencing our thinking
Determining out thinking

or I shall say

Influencing the world
Determining the world

In short run, the world is unfair
But in long run, the world is fair
Every effort u paid
Is equal to the result u will get
Every decision has it own price
u pay the price of the every decision u make

25th September 2010

Time flies...

14/9/2010, Tuesday, Structural Concrete Design
18/9/2010, Saturday, Fluid Mechanics II
22/9/2010, Wednesday, P.Malaysia
23/9/2010, Thursday, Principle of Electrical Engineering
24/9/2010, Friday, Electrical Machine
25/9/2010, Saturday, Geotechnical Engineering

28/9/2010, Tuesday, Construction Technology

Finish another 2 paper on yesterday and today
And finally........
Is almost the end of my exam period and Y3S1
My last paper, Construction Technology will be held on next tuesday

I damm tired......
Doesn't want to do anything other than resting my tired and exhausted mental and physical body
Will resume my revision for my last paper on tomorrow...

Cant wait for my industrial training which will start 3 days after my last paper...=)

23rd September 2010

Time flies...

14/9/2010, Tuesday, Structural Concrete Design
18/9/2010, Saturday, Fluid Mechanics II
22/9/2010, Wednesday, P.Malaysia
23/9/2010, Thursday, Principle of Electrical Engineering

24/9/2010, Friday, Electrical Machine
25/9/2010, Saturday, Geotechnical Engineering
28/9/2010, Tuesday, Construction Technology

Principle of Electrical Enginnering, DONE!
Again, the paper was twisted
Completely different from past year paper

Why all past year paper for every subject seems easy and straightforward?
But when it reach my batch
The question will twist till every student are stun
Izzit my batch student are smarter, so the lecturer twist the question..>.<
Lucky I was stunned for a while only...(lol)
Hope the lecturer will not put a cross on my answer...

Next paper will be Electrical Machine...
Another electrical subject...-.-'''
The theory is so so so much...
And my electrical basic is NULL!!
Induction motor, EMF, MMF, excitation and bla bla bla...
Walao...apa tu???
Hope 2molo I can do the paper smoothly...

Every human is human
This is what I realize in this early morning
Don't understand what that mean?
It doesn't important,
Because as long as I understood, den can ad...hahaha...:p

22nd September 2010

Time flies....

14/9/2010, Tuesday, Structural Concrete Design
18/9/2010, Saturday, Fluid Mechanics II
22/9/2010, Wednesday, P.Malaysia

23/9/2010, Thursday, Principle of Electrical Engineering
24/9/2010, Friday, Electrical Machine
25/9/2010, Saturday, Geotechnical Engineering
28/9/2010, Tuesday, Construction Technology

Finished another paper, P.Malaysia...=)
Next: Principle of Electrical Engineering
which is on tomorrow....

Wish everybody 中秋节快乐!!
Today is Mooncake festival...
I have nothing to do except Facenotes....
Has been passing this lifestyle for 2 months...
So boring....

Right now my mind is already on 1st Oct
which is the date I start my industrial training...
Exam....faster finish...
But let me prepare well first before you come...

20th Sept 2010

Time flies....

2 days away from my third paper, P.Malaysia..
2 days away from Moon Cake festival.................
9 days away from my 2 days semester break....
11 days away from my industrial training...........

Yesterday night was wasted
I didn't study at all...
I was playing Ah Cheng addictive game in his i-touch for the whole night...
Salute myself for being so slack......-.-'''

My last paper will be on 28th Sept..
After that I will have my semester break
For 2 days only....
This is because I will start my industrial training on 1st Oct...=)
A 3 moths industrial training
Which I'm looking forward to it....
It will be very interesting, fun, challenging..(should be la)

Yesterday I dreamed a dream
It was really unexpected
How nice if the dream happen in my real life...=)
However, it definitely not going to happen in upcoming few years...
Because the dream should come after my main dream......

18th September 2010

Time flies....

14/9/2010, Tuesday, Structural Concrete Design
18/9/2010, Saturday, Fluid Mechanics II

22/9/2010, Wednesday, P.Malaysia
23/9/2010, Thursday, Principal of Electrical Engineering
24/9/2010, Friday, Electrical Machine
25/9/2010, Saturday, Geotechnical Engineering
28/9/2010, Tuesday, Construction Technology

Settled second paper, Fluid Mechanics II today...
Previously it was open book exam....
And so coincidentally, this semester this exam become close book exam pula...-.-''
Lucky the question still ok
My answer still ok
But duno the lecturer ok with my answer or not...>.<

5 more papers to go..
Entering the most kancheong and crazy period
I will having my 4 papers in 4 consecutive days: 22/9, 23/9, 24/9, 25/9
One of it is Electrical Machine....
50% theory and 50% calculation for final exam question...
But 90% of the lecturer notes is theory and the remaining one is calculation...
How to save all those theory in my brain and make sure that all theory will not loss after I study before I take the exam...
Ask Civil Engineering student to study electrical subject...-.-'''

Next paper: P.Malaysia which is on 22nd Sept...


14th Sept 2010

Time flies...

14/9/2010, Tuesday, Structural Concrete Design
18/9/2010, Saturday, Fluid Mechanics II
22/9/2010, Wednesday, P.Malaysia
23/9/2010, Thursday, Principal of Electrical Engineering
24/9/2010, Friday, Electrical Machine
25/9/2010, Saturday, Geotechnical Engineering
28/9/2010, Tuesday, Construction Technology

Had my first paper, SCD in the afternoon
When the student was about to go in examination hall
Suddenly, lecturer said: can bring text book go into exam hall

Suddenly become open book exam...
Feel so excited and happy...
Thought I can score ad for this paper...
Managed to finish 3 questions in 2 hours instead of the required 4 questions...
Not only me, almost should said all of the student can't finish 4 questions in the 2 hours..
No wonder that Mr.Pan said: nobody get A for this subject before
For student level, how to finish all 4 questions in 2 hours time la....

Anyhow, really thanks Mr.Pan for his teaching in this semester.
A great and hardworking lecturer
A harsh, but humor and caring lecturer
Who always make student 'sink ship'
And allow the student to bring in text book for final exam

Alright, 1 paper passed
6 more papers to go...
No procrastinate
No slacking
No over stress

When the time I finish all the paper..
Is the time where another semester, Y3S1 end...=)

11th Sept 2010

Time flies...

Is another Saturday
Boring Saturday
Facing the notes...
Study 1 hour, lepak 2 hours...

Wanted to play basketball during evening..
Wanted to jio all the hengtais: andrew, ah loy, jason, wai yee, choo yeong, guan wei, yao jun to come out and limteh
Because it has been long time since the last I meet them
Furthermore, Choo yeong and yao jun back from Sarawak and Terengganu respectively
But, sorry guys....
I'm kinda tired and lazy to go out
Especially recently didn't rest well and stress out with my study

3 days away from my first paper
Revision progress: about 30% only...o.0
Anyhow, I still need to try my best
Give my best effort in every subject
Because I believe that the result is the mirror of all the effort paid out

He can do that, She can do that
Maybe I can do that as well, why not....

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Time flies...

As everyone know, today is Hari Raya Puasa..
Therefore, hereby, I wish all Malaysian:
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri;
Maaf Zahir dan Batin!!

Today is should be public holiday
University student life:
Rush reports, rush assignments and rush tests from beginning of the semester until the end of the semester
Then, rush final exam at very end of the semester
Is holiday, but I still Facenotes, doing my revision
Ada holiday macam takde holiday aje...
What a boring holiday+boring subject to study: Electrical Machine

I was wondering why Civil Engineering student need to study Electrical Machine?
I understand Civil Engineering student need to study Principle of Electrical Engineering, because we need to know some basic bout electric and circuit.
But, Electrical Machine???
It is about machine and the circuit and electric component in the machine. Why are Civil engineering student need to study bout this???

No idea and doesn't want to think bout it.
Should pay more attention and energy in my revision rather thinking "why".

And one more thing:
I'm wishing the role model of student
Not my role model, is the role model of PERFECT LAZY student
Please don't come find me and study with me during exam period
Please don't ask me stupid question during exam period
Please don't waste my time
If u say that I'm selfish
Then, please ask yourself: who is more selfish in between me and you.

Thank you...

7th Sept 2010

Time flies....

I'm done with my last super assignment of the semester, SCD
A simplified 60 pages SCD assignment....@.@
Which I passed up this morning

All the assignment:

Geeotechnical Assignment
Principle of Electrical Engineering
Fluid Mechanic II Assignment
Electrical Assignment
Structural Concrete Design Assignment


And is time to FaceNotes
Because final exam is 1 week away...

14/9/2010, Tuesday, Structural Concrete Design
18/9/2010, Saturday, Fluid Mechanics II
22/9/2010, Wednesday, P.Malaysia
23/9/2010, Thursday, Principal of Electrical Engineering
24/9/2010, Friday, Electrical Machine
25/9/2010, Saturday, Geotechnical Engineering
28/9/2010, Tuesday, Construction Technology

Best wishes to myself and all my friend who will have exam too:
No shortcut in learning
No procrastinate
No slacking
Doesn't want to say: "Sigh, I should study harder" after come out from examination hall
Don't stress out, relax when the time is right
Don't take your notes, then throw to your friend and say: "How, can teach me ah?"
Because I not sure your friend will take a knife and kill you or not especially under sibeh stress condition

Maybe can end this semester beautifully...
Jia you...

1st September

Time flies....

Is 1st September!!!
According to my original plan, I shall complete my Structural Concrete Design assignment on yesterday, pass up by today and go back Klang by today or tomorrow

Assignment Progress: 50% only...T.T
Still cracking my cracked head to figure out how the solve another 50%

Non-stop doing assignment
From weekday to weekend
From weekend to weekday
NON-STOP in a month time/ 4 weeks times

My final exam is coming soon:
14/9/2010, Tuesday, Structural Concrete Design
18/9/2010, Saturday, Fluid Mechanics II
22/9/2010, Wednesday, P.Malaysia
23/9/2010, Thursday, Principal of Electrical Engineering
24/9/2010, Friday, Electrical Machine
25/9/2010, Saturday, Geotechnical Engineering
28/9/2010, Tuesday, Construction Technology

Saw my final exam schedule?
I will have my paper in 4 consecutive days......

even though the due date for assignment is next monday
But, for each extra day I took to do my assignment,
I will have lesser day to do my revision

Is not the time to complain
But is the time to be more determine and more enthusiasm
To study well and fight hard against my exams
As I want to end this semester beautifully.

Wish me all the best......

29th August 2010

Time flies....

Is another Sunday
Wake up early in the morning
To continue my last super assignment

But until now, I still eating snake ^.^
Definitely going to continue it after this post
Maybe I could finish it by this coming Wednesday
so that I can start my revision for final exam

Last year, during this two months, July and August
I still remember that I was very happy because of something
Naive, happy, day dreaming
Is the real momentum behind me
To work hard in my study

And I feel grateful, because the feeling is back on right now
Most probably, that is the only thing which really can ignite my fighting spirit
I should stay naive, happy, day dreaming
Who knows in future, maybe naive, happy, day dreaming will turn out to be the real world in my life

Is time to end this post
And continue my assignment...


27th August 2010

Time flies...

Is 27th of August
Time past really fast..
Is almost the end of this semester

Passed up the last second assignment, Electrical Machine assignment on today
Left the last super assignment, Structural Concrete Design assignment
Which due on next Saturday

Really exhausted
Really tired
But I can't fall yet
Final examination is waiting me

Still finding something
Which can ignite my spirit
To cheong my final exam...


What is that thing?
A promise?
An ambition?
A target?

Is time........
Is time.......
Is time for me to reignite whatever I loss.......

Geeotechnical Assignment-20th August
Principle of Electrical Engineering-20th August
Fluid Mechanic II Assignment-23rd August
Electrical Machine Assignment-27th August

Structural Concrete Design Assignment- 4th Sept 2010

Left last assignment!!!

Time to sleep....
Good nite everybody

26th August 2010

Time flies...

"In order to success, you must fail
Never give up, take a rest, you will reach your destiny"

The above is the result from my previous 2 assignment
This is life
You are not born to be success
Without paying any hardwork or sweat
Don wait the money drop from sky
Instead, u should find how the money drop from sky

Recently, I'm really disappointed on 1 of my close fren in Uni
I was watching him changing every semester
From good to bad, from bad to worst, from worst to even worse.... -.-''

I feel like LOL whenever he give me lame excuses to cover his laziness
Read newspaper -> play handphone -> sleep
The only thing he done in every class, seriously.....


Tomorrow is the due date for Electrical Machine assignment...
Hopefully tonight nonit 'ot' till late midnight
Because the progress of assignment is quite good

Is time to end this post.
Is time to have my breakfast
Is time to continue my assignment

23rd August 2010

Time flies....

(@.@) <--- This is my current condition

swirling eye, panda eye and uncountable stars above my head
Brain efficiency less than 1

All these are because of Fluid Mechanic II assignment, which due on today
340 marks assignment....-.-''
Furthermore, I redo the assignment for n-th times!!!
This is second assignment which I redo for n-th times...
The first assignment is Geotechnical Engineering Assignment...

Another assignment due on this coming friday... (@.@)

I want to rest gao gao.....
I want to sleep gao gao...

Geeotechnical Assignment-20th August
Principle of Electrical Engineering-20th August
Fluid Mechanic II Assignment-23rd August

Electrical Machine Assignment-27th August
Structural Concrete Design Assignment- Week 14

2 more assignments to go....
Stay Tough and Strong
Jia you ba...

20th August 2010

Time flies....

What a tired and stressful day....
From yesterday till now, I slept for bout 3 hours only..

2 assignments+1 report

And the most stressful part is,
I need to REDO my assignment on the eve of the assignment due date
Because I did the wrong calculation in designing the retaining wall in my assignment

What make the thing worse is,
I can't get the answer after I corrected my calculation
I tried n-times in doing the calculation
Yet, still cant get the result I wanted.

Is late midnight, and the due date is on the next day
Yet, the most important calculation still can't solve.....
And still got 1 report to pass up on the same day
And 'someone' still keep on call me,msn me, ask me stupid thing

on fire dao...!!!!
pek cek dao....!!!
dulan dao.....!!!!

First time in my university life, I finish the assignment on the due date....
Coz normally I will complete it the day before due date.

lucky another assignment is settle by other groupmate


Geeotechnical Assignment-20th August
Principle of Electrical Engineering-20th August

Fluid Mechanic II Assignment-23rd August
Electrical Assignment-27th August
Structural Concrete Design Assignment- Week 14

3 more assignments to go....
Jia you ba...

15th August 2010

Time flies....

Entered week 12 of the semester

walamak...really fast leh....
so fast week 12 liaoo...
So fast the due date of assignments reach liao...

2 assignments to pass up in this week...
haven start at all...
but roughly got idea on how to do the assignment ad...
maybe no problem kua....

yesterday had a nice 1-day trip to Klang with fellow Utarian...
Went to Taman Rashna eat Bak Kut Teh
Went to Eng Ann eat popiah
Went to Tugu Keris
Went to Bukit Tinggi Jusco
Went to I-city
But didn't follow them to Bukit Cahaya

not with me...


I have no time to do other thing other than my assignmentssssssss and my blog...
Seriously, I am very very busy


I am very tired....
I am exhausted....


the bad new is
I don't have much extra time to rest myself

I will continue busy until the end of my final exam, which is 28th September


I will start my Industrial Training on 1st October


14th August 2010










UTAR Sport Carnival 2010

Time flies...

Utar Sport Carnival for Klang Valley campus (KL, PJ, Sungai Long) ended 3 days ago
But my mind still fresh about that carnival
Everything was like happen on yesterday

This year overall champion is Kuala Lumpur, Faculty of Engineering and Science (FES)..=)
Overall champion for second consecutive times...=)

FES grabbed 6 our of 9 event champion:
-Badminton champion
-Basketball champion
-Futsal champion
-Ping Pong champion
-Tug of War champion
-Tennis Champion

Well done to all the Sport Club committee members
In finding and searching the players from campus
And ensure that the overall champion remain at FES

I took part in basketball event.
I'm proud and glad to be in team KL(A)
All of my teammate are so experience in tournament, so strong, so nice

( Back row: Pang, ME, Alex, Ting , Milo)
(Front row: Kent, Wai Keat, Hau Ming)

This is the Basketball trophy and the gold medals.
But too bad, all my teammate leave after the final
Because the prize giving ceremony will start about 2 hours after the final

I'm holding basketball trophy and MVP trophy???..=p
hoho..nolah...actually is basketball trophy and overall champion trophy

The end..
p/s: more photo on that day will be upload after I got it from Chairman, Martin

11th August 2010

Time flies....

Now is 7.35am
Start another day with sleep late and wake up early system
Just to finish up my assignmentssss and do my revision for upcoming test

Yesterday something surprise catch my eyes while I was having my dinner with Garrett and Kethes at Wan Yit
I saw a guy, serving two bowls of porridge next table to my table

What so special bout that guy??
Actually he is Utar student also.
I know him, he know me, but we are not very close
Just that something we will meet in school and greet each other
Then Kethes told me he was helping his father serve porridge to customer

As far as I know, he was top student and excellent in academic
How did he manage his time?
Balancing his study and helping his father
wow, this guy really amaze me and I'm very salute him

I gonna learn from him!!!!!!

Tons of heavy assignmentsss awaiting me in front
Fluid mechanics II test will be held on thursday
I need to increase my brain efficiency and work rate
To cope all the works I'm facing......

7th August 2010

Time flies...

Today is Saturday
Whole day busy with my CT assignment
Almost done with it, left small part to complete

2molo is the day!!
Utar annual sport carnival for Klang Valley campus
Which will be held at same venue, KTAR

Good luck and all the best
For my faculty, FES representative...=)
For my team...=)
For myself...=)
And wish 2molo event will go smoothly until the end

6th August 2010

Time flies...

Today is Friday
Week 10 almost end with 1 day left

Normally I will back Klang on Friday after my class
However, I not going back for this week
This is because Sport Carnival in on this coming Sunday..=)

Again, I take part in basketball event
Very concern bout my fitness...>.<
Hope everything will be fine
Wish me luck and all the best!!

Is almost the end of the semester
As usual, student will always very busy during this period of time
Especially student like me
Procrastinate all the assignmentsss..=p

The following weeks will be mad week for me
Assignmentssssss+ Testss+ Reportss
Sleep at 12am, wake up at 5am
When will this lifestyle stop???
I just so so so tired........

There is a good news for me!!!
My spirits BACK ON!!!
Yes...this is more important than anything
I believe....













August 2010

Time flies...

Entered the 8th month of the year and 10th week of the semester...

Is the beginning of new month
And second war in this semester begin TOO!!!
I need to fight against 6 assignments, which all of it due in this month...
Furthermore, I still got 3 reports and 2 tests

Walao liao....

Less sleeping
Less movie
Less hair
Less procrastinate
Less lepak

More study
More searching info
More hardworking
More 'panda'
More scratching head
More tired
More pressure
More sweat

Busy and tired month: 30 days left..=)

31st July 2010

Time flies....

Today is saturday..=)
Woke up at 6.20am
Because already jio some hengtai go butterfly park play basketball

Again, inconsistent form cause me to angry
Not angry on other people, is angry on myself

Maybe I forced myself to hard
But, I have no other choice, I have to force myself very very hard
Because next week is Utar sport carnival
Hope I will have more consistent form during that day...(*pray hard*)

Wanted to play basketball again during evening
But my tired leg and hand make me feel lazy to do so
Therefore, I choose to rest at home
Should let my body has well rest

Today is the last day of July
Tomorrow will be the start of new month
Everything will goes better and better..=)

28th July 2010

Time flies...

I'm so tired...
I'm so envy when I looking at my housemate who sleep soundly everyday in the morning
While I have to wake up early in the morning, to study or go school...

Yesterday was a stressful day..
Stress from 5.45am until 7.00pm
Because I have 2 tests on the same day..
Geotechnical test on 11.15am and EM test on 6pm..
I woke up at 5.45am to study...
At the end.......
Both test also didn't did well(I think)...

Well, is ok...
Because I studied and gave my best to attempt the papers
So, it wasn't my fault,
Is lecturer, the angel and devil in the school

Third test of the week is on Friday!!
P. Malaysia...
Study bout history..
Should be ok gua......

ok la...
wish myself all the best..=)

22nd July 2010

Time flies...

Here comes the Thursday...
Time never stop moving

Every second, tik tok tik tok 60 times, then it turn to a minute
Every minute, tik tok tik tok 60 times, then it turn to a hour
Every hour, dong dong dong 24 times, then it turn to a day
This cycle will continue non-stop...

Having some really relaxing days in this week especially yesterday..=)
No class, so can sleep till 9 something...
Procrastinated assignment....
Procrastinated test revision....
Relaxing doing my PEE report...
Went to Taman Connaught pasar malam wiMah and his gf, Wei Wei and Wei Wei friend and indirectly with Ah Tin, Tin Sou and Ah Cheng...
Simply whack the food available...

Will having second war in this semester start from next week
I'm wondering whether I can singly handle all the group assignment?
A total of 6 assignments is in front of me....

Is time...
relax my mind
stay calm
increase brain efficiency
gun down every assignment

19th July 2010

Time flies...

Here comes the week 8

11hours to go
As I'm taking the first test of this semester, PEE
Done with the revision..=)

3 days to go:
PEE report

1 week to go:
EM test
Geotechnical test
PM test
Geotechnical Lab

2 weeks to go
EM lab

3 weeks to go
UTAR sport carnival
Fluid II test

4 weeks to go
2 assignments due date

5 weeks to go
1 assignment due date and EM lab

6 weeks to go
SCD assignment

Something went wrong when my schedule is so pack, yet I still so lepak..XD

Lack of concentration
Lack of determination
Lack of momentum

hmm.....where to find those thing??
maybe can find

time to sleep...good night...
Tomorrow is alway better than today

14th July 2010







Mad Week!

Time flies....

Finally I have little time to update my blog..=)

Today is Friday
One more day to go before week 6 end

This week really is a mad week for me

3 reports and 2 assignments
Which I need to complete all of them in within 5 days
Average sleeping & rest hour from Monday to Friday is about 3 hours

After a busy weekdays, is time to face busy weekend
2 cousin brother wedding will be held in next 3 days
Where is my sleeping hours???

Physical and mentally tired and exhausted
And I can feel that my body is so weak right now

I just wan to rest myself..
Yet I couldn't have any extra time for me to rest well....=(

Lecturer ah lecturer,
can all of you give easier question in assignment????
Don't stress the student

Be careful Karma..
Your boss will treat you back...

What If I’m a Russian Spy

What if I'm a Russian Spy?

Obviously, for me
This will be fantastic
Adventure, challenge always awaiting
I just love adventure and challenge

As a Russian Spy, Mother Russia will have every single details about me.
Therefore, Mother Russia will send me to Egypt

Why must be Egypt?
This is because I love history

Mission to Egypt: Intrude and gather all the information about the awesome pyramid

Pyramid is an awesome building built during ancient time.
Pyramid is huge and still stand still until today
Pyramid also equipped with a lot of trap which used to protect the treasurer and the king tomb

Even though many researches have carry out,
But, until this modern age, researcher and scientist haven't discover actually how the pyramid was built during ancient time as it seen like imposible to build such huge and stable building depending on those day technology.

So, I will hack into Egypt government top secret office computer and copy all the secret information about the pyramid which did not reveal to the world.
Next, I will plan my intrusion into pyramid.

I need to prepare well before intrude pyramid:
-wearing multifunction super suit which is invulnerable to any attack including gun and equipped with varies of functions
-a high tech weapon which can protect myself when in danger
-a superlight back pack storing all the necessary tools and food as well as steal those treasurer
-learn to live in pyramid for a certain of period
-mini supercomputer which allow me to store

For each intrusion, I will stay in the pyramid for about 1 week
After that, I will exit the pyramid and transmit all the data collected to Mother Russian
And this cycle will continues until all the data collected.

With all the information gathered, Russian will be the first person in the world to discover how actually the pyramid was built.
And we can build pyramid in Mother Russia..=)

It will be fun, challenging and fantastic if I'm a Russian Spy...=)

Coming Soon

- Movie:Salt

- Date Release: 29th July 2010

- Starring: Angeline Jolie

- Synopsis: Before becoming a CIA officer, Evelyn Salt (Jolie) swore an oath to duty, honor, and country. She will prove loyal to these when a defector accuses her of being a Russian sleeper spy. Salt goes on the run, using all her skills and years of experience as a covert operative to elude capture, protect her husband, and stay one step ahead of her colleagues at the CIA.

Busy and Tired

Time flies.....

Time past really fast,
today is second day of July already
My works didn't show the sign of slowing down or decreasing

Actually how busy am I?
Let see:

3 reports and 2 assignments
All due in next week

Packed timetable

Meeting, blogging, sport

All of this drive me busy and tired

Let me rest
Let me breath
Let me sleep longer


ok, time to start my report ad
Nothing is I can't do

Work fast and efficient
Manage the time wisely

Else, I will do chicken for this semester ad

30th June 2010

Time flies...

I have so many thing to post in my blog, yet my blog remain unchanged for a week
This is because I lazy don have time to blog at all....
Seriously, the time available is just not enough for me to complete all the work in my hand

I skipped this year world cup matches except England match and some of Argentina match
but England performance just disappoint me again and again
Maybe this is good for me as I will have more time from the day England knockout from 2010 World Cup onward..XD

This week is week 5 of my Y3S1
And I'm feeling the pressure of 7 subjects

Maybe should follow Mr.Pan way:
less dating, less movie, less world cup, sleep at 12am, wake up at 6am, more on study

no pain no gain
When u gain something, u lose something else
This is life law...

Hope I'm able to finish everything on time...

22nd June 2010

Time flies...
Is week 4 of Y3S1

The burden on me is getting heavier and heavier
Lack of timesssss....
Who can donate time to me??

4 assignments and 2 reports
And more assignments and reports are coming
Still got tutorials somemore...
And the tests are coming soon...
walao eh.....

I need time to do assignment
I need time to do report
I need time to do tutorial
I need time to sleep

Figaro Grand Opening

First of all, congratulation to my cousin brother, Teck Yong aka 'ang kun zai'(his nickname). This is because he has taken a step into a new chapter in his career by opening School of Perfoming Arts, Figaro.

Yesterday was the grand opening of Figaro. And the opening was really grand because of the attendance of Miss World Malaysia 08/09, Miss Soo Wincci. As usual, cutting ribbon is a activity which can't escape from any opening event.

(From left to right)
My Uncle, My Aunty, Miss Soo Wincci, Teck Yeong, My Ah Ma, My Ah Kong

Wondering what are they (except my uncle and ah kong) looking after cutting the ribbon? Actually, they looking at me. Yup, they looking at me because I handsome, :p was lightening the fire cracker.

The board (I dono call wat board) and the flower which are those common thing we can see during the opening event.

Another thing which can't escape from the opening event is the refreshment. The food served are so delicious until many people want the name card of the buffet company.

Figaro consist of 4 rooms and a dance room.

Haha... this fatty is 'ang kun di' aka Teck Keng. Teck Yeong is 'ang kun zai', so 'ang kun di' is 'ang kun zai' brother lo.... Sitting on the red sofa right beside the reception and smile till so 'happy' XD

A colouring contest was held too on yesterday opening. I want to take part the contest also, but lah ho...I donwan bully the small kids, give chance to my two cute little cousin sister, donwan to fight the prize with the small kid. But the prizes are very attracting 1leh....T.T

This is the prize for the colouring contest:
First Prize: 20" TKB bicycle + Soo Wincci EP with her signature on it
Second Prize: Bookshelf + Soo Wincci EP with her signature on it
Third Prize: Soo Wincci EP with her signature on it

The Miss World Malaysia 08/09, Miss Soo Wincci is signing her limited edition EP. This limited edition EP is different with the EP offered as colouring contest prize. This limited EP is unvailable in the market whereas the EP offered as the colouring contest prize are available in the market.

This is Miss Soo Wincci EP which is available in the market. It has sold over 5000 copies in Malaysia. Congratz her...

This is the Miss Soo Wincci limited edition EP with her signature on it. Limited Edition+Limited Edition.

The difference between the EP and limited edition EP is .....
I also duno...

Have the opportunity to take a photo with Miss World Malaysia 08/09 after her performance in the dance room.

Figaro, School of Performing Art
Offers a variety of courses in music and dance,
Offer performing in your event
Offer music/ production recording course.

If you are interest, please do not hesitate to contact my cousin
Mr.Ng: 012-3972688

*Click the brochure to know more about Figaro*

Lastly, all the best to Teck Yeong..=)

My Mind is the Scene of the Crime

Secret, Secret and Secret
Everybody do have their own secret,
Which they wish nobody will know their secret forever.

Of course,
I do have my own secret too.
The most valuable secret in my mind that I doesn't want to be stolen is
My Promise To My Grandfather.

My late grandfather is the person I respect the most in my life.
He is my role model in my life.
I always wanted to follow my late grandfather footstep.
I always want to surpass my late grandfather achievement.

I will remember and keep my promise
Which I made to my late grandfather during his funeral.


My first 3D Movie

Thank to Nuffnang..=)

I watched my first ever 3D movie, Toy Story 3 premiere screening with Wai Yee at Mid Valley.

The ticket and Nuffnang badge

One word: CHooN!!
The 3D effect is superb and awesome
The story line also not bad
Below are some of the views in Toy Story 3

The toys are on the way to Sunnyside

The toys reach Sunnyside

Lots-O' bring the toys visit around Sunnyside

Toy Story 3 shirt which I got from Nuffnang staff after the movie..

Haven't and not dare to wear it....

Because ho....


Because a 21 years old guy is wearing a Toy Story 3 shirt look a bit weird and childish ?!?
Don't you agree with me ???

Toy Story 3 will be release in Malaysia on 17th June 2010
Don't miss it~~

Special Fever

I'm sick
I'm having a fever since yesterday

I no need bed to rest

I no need paracetamol

I no need cool fever

What I need to cure my fever is:


To watch 2010 Fifa World Cup which will be held at South Africa from 11th June until 11 July 2010

Therefore, my football fever will continue on until the end of world cup


Invitation to Toy Story 3

Yesterday my house streamyx line was so TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, BAD, SLOW
I can't go to any website except Facebook and Google only
But lucky during night time I managed to login my hotmail and check my email

I saw an email from Nuffnang: Invitation to Premiere Screening of Toy Story 3 in 3D

My I Wanna Watch Toy Story 3 post has win a pass of 2 to Premiere Screening of Toy Story 3 in 3D

I can see my favourite new toy, Spark action in the movie few days earlier before the official release date in Malaysia..=)

Fellow cool bloggers who also got this invitation...
See you there~~~

Unsolve Puzzle

One piece...
One piece...
One piece...
ok, I'm not talking about the animation, One Piece
I'm talking about my mind

Recently, many thing come across my mind
They break into pieces...
Act like an unsolve puzzle...
And floating, swimming, passing in my mind


How to solve this puzzle???
Will the puzzle solve itself as the day goes on?
I also don't know...

8th June 2010

Time flies...

Is second week of my Y3S1
walao...time past really fast
1 week past already

Assignments, test, report, tutorials, all this just can't escape or disappear in a Uni student life
Assignments are coming one by one as the day goes on
Tutorial class starting soon also
Lab also starting soon

I can't slack anymore
I can't procrastinate anymore
I must hardworking

One more thing that keep bugging my mind
My industrial training....
My mind still blank about my industrial training

Which company I should find?
Will the company accept me?
What can I learn in that company?

Maybe everything will be fine..=)
Don mess up myself

Sturctural Concrete Design assignment
Here I come
With the guide of Mr.Pan
Everything will be fine for this assignment

June 2010

Time flies...
Half a year has past
Today is first day of second half year of 2010

Yesterday, my Y3S1 has start...
This semester will be a busy semester
As I took 7 subjects
Well, I'm not god or crazy
I force to took this much of subject
Has to plan my time wisely

First day, new semester, new momentum
I will try to catch up whatever I miss out
I will try to achieve something I did not achieve before..
What thing?? Anything I never achieve before..

Wish myself all the best for this semester.

I wanna watch Toy Story 3

The Toys are back in the town!!!
They are back in action
And I wanna watch them

A lot of new characters are introduces in Toy Story 3:
Chunk, Ken, Lotso-O'-Huggin' Bear, Peas-In-A-Pod, Chatter Telephone, Stretch,
Trixie, Twitch, Big Baby, Bookworm, Dolly, Mr.Pricklepants

AND my favourite new toy:


Sparks is an electronic robot with a COOL design
It gave me unlimited imagination about it

Because robot always equip with unlimited tools, functions or abilities
which will become Hero of the Day


Sparks do not have any tools, functions or abilities
It is a robot with funny and silly act, which make the audience laugh and smile..=)

Can't wait to see Sparks action in Toy Story 3
I'm coming
Toy Story 3 and Sparks

28th May 2010

Time flies....
My semester break ending soon
Which left about 2 and a half days

My final exam result has released on yesterday
How was my result???
I will said my result gave me a little bit of surprise
1 C and the rest are B's

I thought I will did badly in the final exam
Because is last minute preparation
Furthermore, I have no time to recheck all the answer I wrote during exam time

Tapi ho...
Lucky my result still at the acceptable level
I'm satisfied with the result....

Tapi ho....
I'm not satisfied with myself...

I admit
I'm slack in this semester
I'm lazy in this semester
I'm not hardworking in this semester

All this is past already...
I must improve myself in the following new semester...
Which will begin in next two days...
Push up my CGPA

22nd May 2010

Time flies...
My blog has been in hibernate mode for quite a period of time
Is time for me to update it..
Thanks to all my blog follower who still stay with my blog

Today is saturday
a week plus after the end of my Y2S2 final exam
This semester I have two week of semester break

The first week of the semester break was awesome plus little bit of tired
I went to 3 places: Ipoh -> Pangkor -> Cameron Highland together with Joel, Ah Tin, Fai lin and Ah Cheng (Ah Cheng went to Ipoh only) =)
The trip was awesome and full of fun
I will upload the photo once I get it from them

Thank to Joel for bring us visit around Ipoh area
Thank to Joel family and sorry for any inconvenience caused
Thank to the aunty for lending us her car and let us visit around Pangkor area
Thank to Ah Tin, driver of the trip

1 week before my Year 3 start
Time for me to rest well and get prepare for my future

11th May 2010

Time flies....

Today is tuesday
Just wake up from a short nap
I am too tired
Yesterday slept for 3 hours only because of preparing ESE
Mentally and physically tired
But still got 2 papers to go in within next 3 days

This semester target: dean list ...=(
Because can't do well in EA and ESE exam...=(

Left Sturctural Analysis 2 and Civil Construction Material
really no mood to study for better grade...-.-''

I know I going to do badly in this semester....=(
Maybe this will be motivation for me to do well in the following semester..=)

Exam ah exam....
I want to finish you as soon as possible
I want to rest myself, my mental and my physical
I am very tired...

Study study...

Day Before Engineering Analysis Exam

A day before Engineering Analysis Exam
still preparing for it

Actually the subject is not that hard
just that the working step for each question is freaking

and long..

Hopefully 2molo the time will be sufficient for me to finish 4 out of 5 question
Maybe can get 'A' for this subject

All the best for my friends who taking this exam
We Donwan see u next semester!!

4th May 2010

Time pass...
5th month of the year

I having exam season
which started from 3rd May to 14th May
1 down, 4 to go

I got a feeling
Strong feeling
that I will not done well in this semester exam...=(
Hopefully the feeling is false 1
Maybe can done well
Gambateh to myself!!!
Gambateh to all my friend

To all the blogger who visited my blog
I am busy preparing my exam
I am so sorry that I don have extra time to visit back your blog
But I will visit back after my exam
So...please continue follow my blog.....thanks ya...

28th April 2010








我可以join onward family吗?




23rd April 2010


Please go smoothly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please go like what I had aspect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

22nd April 2010

Today is thursday
10 days away from my first paper

I'm very guai
Preparing my exam
But feel like nothing go into my mind

Why everything can't go smoothly!!!!

Wanted to go a silent place
With nobody around me
So that I can scream out loudly


Wish everything will go fine from this moment onward

Go Fine
Go Fine
Go Fine





什么事,男生都得听她的, 不听就打、骂...









18th April 2010

Today is 18th April
15 days away from my first exam
which my first paper will be held on 3rd May

Still got time for my preparation
But will it be enough?
Duno yet
Hope it is more than enough

Yesterday didn't touch my note at all...=(
This is definitely no good
I should be more determine

To: Ooi Yuan

Go study,
Prepare well for the final
Manage your time wisely
Don't waste a second anymore
Don't procrastinate anymore
Fully utilize your time
Increase your brain efficiency
Always remember the lesson from Y1S2
Your target of this semester: maintain your result, improve your result,
I know Maybe U can do it


Yea..maybe I can

14th April 2010

Today is wednesday
This morning I took my last test for this semester, Structural Analysis II
Did very well on that test..

And finally...
After 13 weeks
All My tests and my assignments were done!!

Can start my preparation for final ad
which will be start 2 weeks from now

Suddenly so confident on myself
Maybe can maintain my result
Maybe can even obtain better result

Hardworking will pay back good/excellent result!!

12th April 2010

Today is monday
Week 13 of my Y2S2
half month to go, before my final come

This semester I just too slack compare to previous semester
Haven prepare anything for final
Still blur blur-ing

Tomorrow still got my last presentation
Wednesday still got my last test
Haven prepare as well...-.-"

I should start study and make preparation from now onward

So, must study right now...haha...

My 21st

5th April
Is the day
Which I turn into 21

I had my 21st birthday celebration

It was organized by my friends/heng tai on 3rd April
This celebration not only celebrate my birthday, but also celebrate another 3 sao sing kong in April:
-4th April: mimi aka Jason Loke
-5th April: Me, Ooi Yuan
-7th April: lizard aka Kok Beng
-14th April: Sau Sau aka Hsien Waey

We had steamboat buffet at 好旺角火鍋自助餐/Lucky Hotpot Buffet Steamboat (
The shop is located at Bukit Tinggi, right behind Giant Hypermarket.
Thank friends/heng tai for the celebration...

Teppanyaki Hotplate Steamboat

The Birthday Cake

Sau Sing Kongssss
(from left: Me, Mimi, Lizard, Sau Sau).
So coincident, the shirt colour we wore is green, black, green, black

Blowing the birthday cake

Together we cut...the cake

4th April: Mimi aka Jason

5th April: Me, Ooi Yuan

7th April: Lizard aka Kok Beng

14th April: Sau Sau aka Hsien Waey

Onward family members
(from left: mimi, white puppy aka Che How, god car aka Malaysia Guan Wei, Sau Sau)

Friendship Forever...
(from left: mimi, white puppy, Sau Sau)

Friendship Forever...(from left: Yao Wei, me, Sau Sau)

Couple of the night...(Sau Sau & Lam Lam)

Friendship Forever...
(Sitting Down (from left): Yao wei, Lizard)
(Standing (from left): Chio Putt aka Wai Yee, Me, Mimi, White Puppy, Sau Sau)

Happy Onward Family!!!