TT working experience

Tired...really tired..
Every weekend also exhausted
Every weekend need to OT
Everytime need to bao ka liao

When teach them thing, they will said: Last time when I work, I nonit to do this and that....

When ask them: you know this and that onot, they will answer: ya ya, i know this, i know that...but at the end I will become -.-"

When I am unlucky, partner with some noob waiter/waitress, then I really need to become GOD, from 1 people take care 2-3 table become 1 people take care >5 table..
Thing become worse when table surround my working area also noob...

We are not god, we are just normal human....
Just that we are willing to work and try, never give up and said no
And we know time is always constrain, so we work faster
And we learn while we working, not complain while we working
And we complain after we finish our work, but start another new day with zero complain
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