TT working experience 2

As usual, yesterday I went to work at TT Klang
It was a wedding function
And I partner with a 'cha ko' and wei jun, take care 7 tables..
It was second times I partner with both of them

I just can't understand,
Whether I am a noob, my teaching style got problem, or the 'cha ko' is brainless ( really sorry to said that he is brainless )
That fellow is HOPELESS...
Lazy, unwilling to learn, show emotional face and attitude when I teach or point out his mistake, alway do something at wrong time...
Even his younger brother also better than him 100000 times...

Is there anyway I can save this young 15 years old guy?
I just have no idea at all
I tried my best, and still finding some other ways
Every people has different potential
I must use more patience, patience and patience

On the other hand, let said something about wei jun
The first impression he gave me was very bad..
Remembered the first time I partnered with him
We take care 5 tables
And for no reason, he just keep on disappear
So I scolded him
I never scold people and he became the very first person who I really scold after work at TT for so long
Maybe he should be proud of it..XD

And yesterday, I found out he was the type of worker who TT seriously lack of...
Beside that, there are other two part time who also caught my attention
They are raw and unpolish gem
They can be god-god successor after those god-god 'retired' but with a condition: they must partner with god-god during function or working time

Raw and unpolish gem, please behave,
god-god don have much time to polish you all, take care you all ad....
Appreciate the time left
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