Tired and Busy Christmas Eve

Today is 24th Dec, is Christmas Eve
Anything special during Christmas Eve?
Well....other than 'busy' and 'tired', i can't really find any other word to describe today

Today I slept for 1 and a half hour only
Yesterday 2 something I went to bed and want to sleep already
But my brain keep on thinking something else
So I drag till 5am only sleep..
And I woke up at 6.35am because I already invited some friend to butterfly park and play basketball

In the afternoon, I and ah loy went to JJ to settle something
Beside that, I wanted to buy a christmas present as well
Actually this is my main motive of come to JJ...hehehe
I brought the present already
But how I want to give the present to her on tomorrow?
Erm...maybe nonit think so much...
Let it be nature...

In the night, I went to a temple with my brother at Bukit Kuda

I cant find a single space for me to take a short nap
Just too busy..
Today is not the end of my busy yet because my schedule for this few days are full

Very tired ah.....!!!!!!!!!
Need to improve my time management skill ad....
Else 24 hours per day and 7 days per week is not enough for me
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